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National Football League 2015

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:32 am
by Ahlethimoutwithit
Division 4

Round 1 (31 January/1 February): Antrim v Carlow , Leitrim v Longford, London v Offaly , Waterford v Wicklow

Round 2 (8 February): Carlow v London, Longford v Antrim, Offaly v Waterford, Wicklow v Leitrim

Round 3 (28 February/1 March): Leitrim v Antrim, London v Longford, Waterford v Carlow, Wicklow v Offaly

Round 4 (8 March): Antrim v London, Carlow v Wicklow, Longford v Waterford, Offaly v Leitrim

Round 5 (15 March): Leitrim v London, Offaly v Carlow, Waterford v Antrim, Wicklow v Longford

Round 6 (29 March): Antrim v Wicklow, Carlow v Leitrim, London v Waterford, Longford v Offaly

Round 7 (5 April): Carlow v Longford, Leitrim v Waterford, Offaly v Antrim, Wicklow v London

Mouthwatering trip to London first up, 3 hard away games, (Longford and Wicklow also), suppose they are all tough at the moment.