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Sack the bleedin Board

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All right lads, I’m new to the site and I decided to register as I have a lot of angry views to vent just now, apologies if someone has already said the things I’m about to say but I need to get this out of my system before I explode :x

First off the board has to go.

Having read the piece in the Offaly express about how they view the team performance against not just meathz this year but also that the players have been putting in an effort for the team shows probably what we already know; they are living in cloud cooku land.

Their decisions over the past number of years have left me puzzled, bewildered and quite frankly pissed off that the set up is run by a bunch of backwards thinking, closed minded relics from the 1970s who are living of past glory from 28 years ago (football) and 12 years ago (Hurling)

Their whole attitude towards the county teams is I suspect, if it worked back then sure its grand now, why change it.

In other words they wouldn’t know a progressive idea if it smacked them in the face.

I live in athlone for the record and when i see the strides that gaa has made with regard to underage development in Westmeath and Roscommon over the past 5 years it pains me to think that we are still stuck in the dark ages because nobody at the top knows what they're doing.

(Perfect example) let’s spend over 1 million on redeveloping O' Connor park and save money on the basics like proper track suits and kits for the developments squads.


So am I.

With regard to the board itself you get the feeling it’s a closed shop.

In other words it’s not about who the best man for the job is, but rather who's good to have a pint and a laugh with.

So it’s a case of who you know not what you know with this lot.

Now I'm sure that they will tell you that they are doing it because no one else will step into the breach and take the reins but I say it’s because they don't want anyone to step in and take their position. (Just my opinion)

I'm just after getting the score of the U-21 game and I have to say I’m not really surprised given the way the hurling development squads have been treated over the past number of years.

From reading an interview with Johnny Flaherty I led to believe they have scrapped or changed the academy squads in favour of another model that is less cost effective.

(Not sure of the full details there so maybe wrong on that one)

The damage they are doing to Offaly Gaa at the moment is going to set us back so far we will soon be happy to beat the likes of London or New York.

That just the board by the way I haven’t even gotten to the players yet!

And I won't, I’ll save that for another day, I'm sure I’ll have plenty of ammo :D

For the record I think Tom Cribben is the right man for the job and for those who don't think so take a look at the players he's working with, would you do any better with the attitude they have? (Just a thought)

Now I’m well aware that I’m on the outside looking in here being in athlone and all but good Christ someone has to do something about this

Surely there can be a signed petition by the fans put together or something.

Maybe I’m thinking irrationally right now but I can't take too many more beatings like the one Kilkenny handed out this evening.

End of Rant.

Sorry for stating the obvious.

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