A chance for atonement - Westmeath v Offaly, Leinster SHC

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Re: A chance for atonement - Westmeath v Offaly, Leinster SH

Post by frankthetank » Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:39 pm

That result against Tipp is correct.

Seamus Callinan scored 5 of the goals seemingly.

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Re: A chance for atonement - Westmeath v Offaly, Leinster SH

Post by Bord na Mona man » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:27 am

Exiled in Connacht wrote:According to the Tipp GAA forum on boards , for what its worth we played them in a challenge game earlier this week and they beat us 8-22 to 12 :shock:
They say that in February they beat us 4-32 to 4 :shock:

Not sure if these scores are accurate and I know challenge matches can be strange with managers experimenting and so on but if true you would have to question what these games do for morale in the squad.
Only a challenge match obviously, but I'd fear that Offaly are capable of conceding a bagful of goals against a top tier team.
It was never going to be a factor against Westmeath, as teams outside the top table usually take their points and would be happy with 1-25 against us.

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Re: A chance for atonement - Westmeath v Offaly, Leinster SH

Post by Toxicity234 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:22 pm

Watch the Wexford vs Kilkenny match, at the start of the match only one out field player under 5'11.
The day of the small hurler is gone for now.
Kevin Egan has a good article in the Offaly Express about possession game. It was stuck in my head for a few weeks. so watch the game last night. I was trying to see in action the stuff that had been written.
I saw very little of it.
The thing that stood out to me last night was the only out field player that couldn't win his own ball was Richie Hogan (who was poor last night),
While both team tried to use long cross field ball them balls were falling to zone where the forwards had to fight for the Balls.
The other thing that stood out to me was for the whole match I never saw one forward given out to a defender for give in direct ball, Cody and Fits(and I'm no fan) have there forwards working like dog and there working so hard that they don't have time to be standing with there hand out complaining.

Too many of the offaly forwards (I remove Shane Kinsella for this statement) think there jobs is to pick is scores and not to close down there men. Shane Dooley against Westmeath was awful and I don't care if he scored 3-7 10-16 or 100-900. he spend the whole match congratulation himself on score goals and let his man do what he liked. He let Tommy Doyle look like a cross between Henry Shefflin, Brian Whelehan and Diarmuid O'Sullivan.
I'm not Surprised we let in 8 goals against Tipp sure no defence had hold the Door if your forward are not doing there primary job.
I saw some of the papers gave Dooley man of the match. It a joke. Tommy Doyle was Man of the match. Give Dooley man of match for that crap is like give a Grammy for best singer to Tommy McAnairy.

If our forwards don't step up to the mark against Galway we'll be in huge trouble and it time for Dooley to lead by example. No stand 10 yards behind his man.
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