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Hi! Why not become a member of www.clgview.proboards.com today? We currently have very few members on board at the moment, but its early days!
For all you Irish abroad we extend a warm welcome to you all to our discussion board. We would love to hear how GAA Championships are fairing abroad, and also how those former inter-county players, who were forced to leave, are doing.
We understand that the site is quite bare right now, but we need your help to get it going.
We are also on the lookout for "Moderators" for each county's "GAA Scene".
Thank you.

P.S We are also very appreciative of other forums who have helped us out, including this one.
Any comments would be very much apprciated also, regarding the set up of the site. Please send us these via our facebook page, or by PM on the site itself!
We also apologise to other forums for posting on your sites but we hope you understand the difficulty involved in setting up a forum.

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