Article on Fixtures Review

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Article on Fixtures Review

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Ahoy folks.

Seeing as the fixtures review is ongoing, I thought it would be as good a time as any to dedicate a back page of D'Indo to the various views on the whole thing. Obviously with that in mind, I'm trying to get a few different viewpoints - so if you fit into any of the following categories and you don't mind being named in the paper, I'd appreciate dropping a private message with any thoughts - it'll only take five minutes at most, but I appreciate that not everyone is comfortable being quoted. I could get everybody from within the close environs of West Offaly, but I'd prefer to have people from all sectors, so ideally somewhere outside of the Ferbane/Doon/Shannonbridge/Belmont area if possible!

Basically what I'd like to get is:

A committed club player but with commitments elsewhere, be they family, work or whatever. Somebody who takes their football/hurling seriously, but has a lot to deal with outside of that too.

A junior player (but not somebody who is a potential county player with a junior club) who enjoys their football and/or hurling but would also play a bit of rugby, soccer or any other team sport as well.

The college student - again not county standard, but just somebody who lives a decent distance away from home (i.e. travelling home for midweek training on a regular basis is not realistic) but wants to play club under 21, and maybe junior during the summer.

The non-player - Anybody who doesn't take part, but would do if there were certain realistic changes made to the structures in place. Basically the person who has slipped through the cracks!

I've already looked after a couple of other angles, but alternatively if anyone feels that they have a different angle on it that's worthy of inclusion, I'd be delighted to hear of it.

Once again, sorry for using this board to do my job, but I'm hoping that an article like this might highlight the views of people that otherwise don't always get noticed - though in fairness the county board has made a good effort with the survey.


Kevin Egan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.

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