Issue 9 of Sliotar Magazine

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Issue 9 of Sliotar Magazine

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Lads, with your kind permission

Sliotar Issue 9

Issue 9 of Sliotar Magazine is out now.


• Featuring Donal Fitzpatrick on the Munster Minor Final
• Taking the Scenic Route – the Hurling Qualifiers
• Jim Murphy on Waterford under Davy Fitz
• PM O Sullivan on Cork v Waterford

Also in Issue 9
• Backspin
• Leo McGough
• Seasons Meetings

Jim Murphy on Waterford under Davy.

“Those days are gone. The current side is a much different outfit to the
swashbucklers of the 2001-04 era, a total hurling team that in their pomp
mirrored the total footballers of Holland, failing to land the ultimate
prize and even going so far as to have their own Jan Joengblood manning the goals.This change in tone might not appear obvious due to ongoing travails about full-back. However, this incarnation of Waterford is a far different beast to the one that hounded Cork to distraction on the last Sunday of June in 2004.The 2010 vintage is a pragmatic one,
founded on not coughing up goals and outpointing the opposition”

Donal Fitzpatrick on the Scenic Route

“The qualifiers, like a puppy at Christmas, are not for everyone. Many
fans tune out after provincial defeat ,waiting for a return to the main road.
Others, on the very odd occasion they cannot attend, end up having one of
the sorrowful mysteries in a Ballsbridge restaurant, listening to the commentary through an earpiece as their county ekes a one-point win against Offaly.That example is hypothetical. Obviously”

PM O Sullivan in Backspin “ a terrible juggernaut”
“The aspect that most weakens hurling, on the field or off, is laziness.
There are no easy answers, no easy solutions, no overarching formulas. Too many counties are simply not working hard enough”

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