The offaly way.

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private joker
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Re: The offaly way.

Post by private joker » Wed Dec 23, 2020 4:41 pm

I was on this. Very well ran. Excellently done and co ordinated. I hope most on here will take part and contribute. Especially when they ask the last question of the night.

Again very well ran. 90 minutes flew by. Loads of engagement with the way it is set up.

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Re: The offaly way.

Post by manfromdelmonte » Mon Jan 04, 2021 3:49 pm

a new S&C person will have to be recruited anyway.
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Re: The offaly way.

Post by jimbob17 » Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:10 am

Important that this appointment is done well. Dave Hare was very important in the development system and best of luck to him in his new role. This role is hugely important if we are to progress as a county. Whoever it is needs to get or show clubs how use best practice in terms of doing this right at dev level so that our players are in a good place when they get to 18-19 so they are equipped to start training at more elite level. We have been competitive for last number of years at minor level in football and the hurling is going very well in some age groups, particularly at minor level this year. If we can replicate this year after year for 7 or 8 consecutive years, 2 senior teams should appear that can compete with best in the country in both codes.

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Re: The offaly way.

Post by Tmacmahon » Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:58 am

Its a huge apt now , the S&C development of our players is absolutley essential for the future of hurling and football in this county

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Re: The offaly way.

Post by biffinbanner » Wed Jan 27, 2021 11:33 am

i seen the excellent nationwide programme the other night about bnm and esb in the midlands. the segment about the influence esb and bnm had on offaly gaa was particularly interesting. liam currams said he played 5 years u21 with both the footballers and hurlers? or did i hear it wrong? some feat if he did. some player!

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Re: The offaly way.

Post by Fairplayalways » Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:37 pm

I aggree with most of the original post :lol: , except the bit about Limerick, they dont do the short puck out thing really, they work the lines and work them very well (isnt that really tradional hurling although not ground hurling) the former Offaly players being managers(if good enough to manage why not I suppose, wont know until you see them, they have to start somewhere) and the polo tops I do agree with.

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