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even more humour

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2004 6:53 pm
by ontheditch
2 Kerry lads went to the all ireland final in a rented new merc.
Headed off from killarney about 8 on the morning of the game and got to dublin at about 12 and had no idea how to get to croker. Being nieve as usual they stopped in ballymun and asked 2 fellas for directions.

"Hey lads do ye know where croke park is?"
The 2 dubs laughed and said to each other
"OK lets get these cultchies!"
"Get outta the car and give us yer money!"
2 Kerry boys had no idea what was going on and replied,
"Look lads we've no money the cars rented we're only here for the game!"
One dub pulls out a baseball bat and says,
"Money now or the car gets it!"

Again the Kerry boys protest their case but the dubs are having no of it and one draws a circle with a piece of chalk and says
"Stand in the circle and don't move cos your going to watch what we do to your car!"
The dubs smashed all the windows of the car and battered the sides of it. They turned around and the 2 kerry lads were laughing uncontrolably!

"What are ye lauhging at?", one dub asked but the boys couldn't stop.
The other dub pulls out a knife and says shut up or the car gets it......................the boys keep luaghing and the dubs tear all the seats and slash all the tyres.......the boys keep laughing. At last the dub pulls out a lighter and opens the petrol tank and says "Wheres the money or the car is gone" but the boys keep laughing.
The dub throws in the lighter and the car explodes totally destroyed! They turn around and the kerry boys are still in knots!
"What are ye laughing at", one dub asks, "we've just destroyed your car!"

Eventually they stop laughing and tell the dubs,
"When ye weren't looking we stepped out of the circle!!!!!!!!!!!!"