Sports Injuries Tullamore physio clinic

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Sports Injuries Tullamore physio clinic

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Tullamore Physiotherapy Clinic is the longest established physiotherapy practice in Co. Offaly.
You are guaranteed to be seen by a dedicated physiotherapist who is focused on results and interested in achieving the best outcome for each client. Our aim is to get the best result while minimising costs to the patient.
Sports Injuries
At Tullamore Physiotherapy Clinic we aim to get you back to your favourite sport as quickly as possible and to try to prevent it happening again. All our physiotherapists have extensive experience of treating sports people at all levels and in all types of sports – athletes, triathletes, gaelic players, cyclists, rowers, swimmers, rugby fanatics or just casual walkers.

Sports injuries fall into two categories
1.Traumatic injuries include breaks, ligament sprains and muscle strains.
2.Overuse injuries – which basically arise from pushing your body too hard, too fast or for too long and include tendonitis, muscle strains, shin splints Specific treatment of the injury may include the following:
•Therapeutic exercise – stretching, strengthening, correction of muscle imbalance, postural correction and hydrotherapy.
•Manual techniques – massage, frictions, joint mobilisation and manipulation.
•Acupuncture – to ease the pain
•Taping, bandaging and advice on suitable supports.
•Ice – to reduce swelling.
•Heat – to ease stiffness in muscles and joints.
•Electrotherapy – ultrasound and laser help to speed up the rate of recovery of injured tissues. Electrical stimulation of weak muscles may also be necessary.
•Biomechanical assessment and prescription of orthotics (customised insoles).
Whatever your injury, you will receive a comprehensive examination and advice regarding prevention of reoccurrence.

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