Leinster club championships 2017

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Leinster club championships 2017

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:25 pm

Some may see this as being unduly harsh, but this is written in the context that Kilcormac-Killoughey have Leinster championship ambitions, and know they have unfinished business in Leinster.

To an extent, Kilcormac were lucky yesterday. They simply weren’t ‘up’ for this match. It showed in their body language, and it showed in their hurling. Afforded the opposition too much space, as in the case of the CGT goal. And Kilcormac-Killoughey were fortunate with their first goal, as the referee missed a clear free to CGT before the ball went in to the goalkeeper. CTG must regret not having Seán Maher in goal, and not Paddy Maloney.

The game’s key moment was the sending off. Thereafter, Castletown Geoghegan insisted on pucking out short, which didn’t suit them as it took them too long to work the ball into attacking positions; and the referee tried to even matters up by denying CTG several frees.

All that said, the two Grogans, Killian Leonard and Jordan Quinn were immense. Ger Healion did what Ger Healion does, guard the square and let nothing pass. Damien Kilmartin worked fierce hard too.

They need much more from their forwards. They probably could have done with introducing Peter Geraghty after the sending off, as you need pace in a two man full-forward line. James Gorman was harshly taken off too – the only forward to score more than once. It might have been a day for James Kilmartin to announce himself. Brian Leonard’s name was not listed among the subs, and there is a dearth of forward options among the 12 subs listed.

That Kilcormac’s biggest attacking threat comes from midfield is naturally a concern. Then again, while driving home, Jack Nolan was on the radio summing up Mount Leinster’s performance. He noted they tended to pack the defence, meaning a scoring threat from between the two 65s would be no harm at all.

We can reasonably assume Kilcormac’s attitude will be spot on for the visit of 2014’s All-Ireland runners up in a fortnight.
Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: Leinster club championships 2017

Postby sam88885a » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:29 am

POTH i agree KK didnt seem to be up for yesterdays match .C Kiely scored a wonder point and gave a defence splitting pass to D Currams for the second goal but he was stuck to the ground as C Slevin was especially in the first half but the whole team was .
N O Brien was allowed do what he wanted in the first half .
I think S Leonard second yellow was coming and i was surprise that he came on for the second half but that highlighted that the management were not up for it either .
I agree the should have taken off P Healion when the went down to 14 as the needed someone that would be able cover the ground.
They expected to win.
i agree CTG didnt use the extra man well but KK were guilty of going long and giving away position to CTG extra man .KK had the wind and were playing into the scoring goal ,i think the should have mix it up more especially with C Slevin so accurate with his puckouts .
They were never in any danger of loosing really but their lack of intensity in the first 25 minutes was surprising .
Quarter finals are there to be won ,they are now back in their 4 semi final and with a home game they have a decent chance .
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