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Pat Teehans watch

Postby jimbob17 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:41 am

Nothing to do with time as some might think.

On reflection, how has Pat Teehan served as a chairman since he took on the role in 07/08? To my knowledge he has overseen the worst and least successful period in Offaly GAA in many years. The hurlers havent got remotely near a Leinster final appearance while the footballers have gone back drastically in the last few years.

Leadership comes from the top and to my knowledge, the leadership is sadly lacking. Offaly's hurlers and footballers have been badly prepared over his time in charge and that comes back to who is in place to look after the team, ie What experience does any appointed manager have and who is in the management support team with regard to support personnel.

They have made a mockery of the football in the selection of managers ie Pat Roe isnt provided with a selector for a few months into reign and not allowed a physical trainer to train the team. Richie Connor comes and goes in a month, Cribbin gets the gig because he does it for free, Gerry Cooney gets gig after a long drawn out affair where none of 3 recommended candidates are deemed good enough. Cooney resigns after a few months and is replaced by a candidate deemed not good enough initially. Senior team hammered consistently in championship by Wexford, Kildare, Dublin, and Down amongst others. Relegated to div 4 while taking bad beatings in div 3.

Hurlers in media last year for all the wrong reasons. One decent year in championship only under his reign but operate in a poor div 2 of the league and cant get out of it!!

No success at underage level in the past few years.

So what is the reason for this. In my opinion, we are competing against counties that have moved on and are better organised. They have experienced managers generally and have employed qualified people in the area of sport science, diet, Physiotherapy, coaching, Strength and conditioning, statistical analysis, psychology etc. Offaly in return generally get unqualified people who are often chancers who have an interest in training etc to work with county senior team and expect to compete with professional set ups.

It is the CHAIRMANS job to ensure that all these areas are seen to and provide the support personnel to look after these various areas to bring them to the next level. Until this happens, we will be the laughing stock that we presently are.....County board are way off the mark. They are absolutely clueless as to what is required to be competitive these days and THEY are primarily at fault for yesterdays hammerings by teams that will struggle to get past an all ireland quarter final this year. There are numerous clubs in this country that are a lot more professional in their set ups than Offaly GAA senior teams, Fact. This lack of organisation and professionalism can only be blamed on the leadership at the top of the organisation. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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