Minor Team named for Donegal Match

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Minor Team named for Donegal Match

Post by Lone Shark » Fri Jul 28, 2006 2:03 pm

Offaly (MF v Donegal): B Quinlan; D Horan, D Hales, S Pender; B Lonergan, J Knight, L Brennan; C Mahon, C Egan; R Brady, D Currams, W Mulhall; P Lambe, J Gorman, K Casey.

First up, I know very little about this Donegal team, so I wouldn't like to pretend that I know what areas of the field they are strong/weak in. Management saying that they had a "tough backline, powerful midfield and dangerous forwards" suggests that they are equally informed. Anyway.

Heavy surgery around the middle of the field, which makes sense because against Meath we were dominated for possession for long spells, much like against Dublin. Lonergan comes out from the full back line, and I suppose if you call it a promotion, it's deserved - he struck me as one of the better players last time out. Horan is a tough marker rather than a stylish footballer, so there's probably no reason to see his moving back as a retrograde step either. A lot of eggs in the half forward line basket as well. I know he kicked a few wides last day out, but Willie Mulhall is still one of the better players on this forward line, so I hope this doesn't lead to him spending most of the day between the 45 and 65, out past his range. It's a good spot for Currams because his pace can cause problems, I'm not sure if Mulhall has quite the same turn of foot. Lambe impressed me last year when I saw him play for Vinnies a few times, so I' happy to see him included, though I would maybe have given him the wing forward slot and left Mulhall inside beside Gorman.

I assume Brady will drop back into midfield a little - though the lack of any real "holding" midfielder as such could cost - I hope the three lads are well drilled about who can push forward when. Still, he and Colin Egan are both well capable of good long balls, and Gorman at full forward has proved he can cause problems, so here's hoping the two lads will hit him with a regular supply.

Last year was the second year in a row that Casey had a quiet day against Meath - I'm hoping that it was a blip and that Donegal mightn't be as prepared for him. A hot day from him and we could be back on the road again.

Bring it on .....

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