Tipster's Competition - Round 6 Results

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Tipster's Competition - Round 6 Results

Post by Lone Shark » Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:19 am

Once again people, my apologies for being so sloppy with this. Tis a busy time over here, but that's still no excuse! Anyway, only one player went down the card this week - kudos to Del, who scored a maximum ten points. Everyone else got either 8 or 6, so any movements have been based on that. The top ten are all within three points of one another, so I expect a lot of movement on the next round of games, which I will now post .....

30 Fit for Junior , As Such Ger

29 Hocker , Plain of the Herbs, Harperj

28 Gaaa Head, Seamróga, Del

27 Bord na Mona Man, Mighty Pair o' Hands

26 Bart, The Biff, Treasurer

25 Ballymanabroad

24 True Red, Lone Shark

23 Fullback, Turk, Skippy, Rynagh's Biffo

22 Sparklin, The Rat, TheManfromFerbane

19 Bogman

18 Minor

17 Far from Croghan Hill , AZOffaly

16 Leroy , NaasmanrxRhode , Rachralady

15 Hyper, Barracuda , Offalymanaway , HairyHole

14 juteman

12 Shovels , Stupid like a Fox , Percy Sledgehammer , Sniper

9 Doon Massive

8 Doobane Man

7 the Untouchable

6 The Rover

5 Seán Boyle Ó Rathallaigh

3 96318104

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