A Call to Arms!!!

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A Call to Arms!!!

Post by arbarg » Fri Jul 14, 2006 11:16 am

Sunday 16 July 2006
Offaly V's Dublin in the Leinster Final. YAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Now if that isn't a call to arms for every travellin Faithful supporter this sunday then what is?
We need to be Heard on sunday and not just in bursts. Its up to everyone goin to roar their heart out for the seventy minutes and shut the dubs fans up. A placid dublin crowd could seriously affect their teams performance. And wouldnt it be great to silence them on national TV.
It would also give that eejit Curran something to chew on in his new found role as the Jimmy Hill of GAA critics.

Oh, yeah. Anyone goin to the Hill would wanna stick together to be heard. And as well as that, last time we played the Dubs their was alot of scangers throwing bottles and basically acting like the nackers that they are. Ignore these morons. watch them leaving before the final whistle when we are headin for the Hogan stand to collect the cup!!

Allez Les Faithful!!!!

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