We need to talk about Leinster GAA

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We need to talk about Leinster GAA

Post by bracknaghboy » Mon Dec 21, 2020 4:18 pm

Isn't it great to see the minor hurlers progress in the Leinster hurling championship?
These are meaningful games getting media coverage/streaming and are exactly what is required to develop these players.
The prize now is a Leinster final against Kilkenny live on TV. Brilliant.

I've argued here before that Galways inclusion in the Leinster senior and U20/U21 hurling championships has been to the detriment of hurling in Offaly and other Leinster counties. This was met with the usual "ah here now don't be blaming Galway for the failings within Offaly" etc. Their inclusion has narrowed the window of opportunity for actual Leinster counties to progress, develop and even compete at all in their own provincial competitions (at senior for now at least).

Right. So lets say that the Leinster council had announced early in 2020 that Offaly, Westmeath, Carlow, Kildare and Laois haven't a flying pigs chance of winning the minor championship so we are creating a new secondary competition for you. Ye can play in the Martin Storey Cup, no wait the Liam Dunne Cup. We'll bring Galway into the Leinster minor championship instead and let them battle it out with the big boys. How would people feel about that now had it occurred? Would that have helped the development of these Offaly players? If you feel that it wouldn't have been right or proper or fair then why do you think it is right or proper or fair that this has occurred at senior level where Galway are there but actual Leinster counties are excluded?
What is the purpose of Leinster GAA? Surely it's to do all to promote the development of the games within Leinster counties?

If Galway were not in Leinster I predict our seniors would have made 2 Leinster finals in the last 12 seasons which would have meant All Ireland 1/4 final appearances at least from it. It would have given hurling a much needed lift in the county.
Our relegation in 2018 has torn the heart out it altogether and has set in motion a terrible downward spiral.
Ask Carlow. They were relegated last year and only Meath were in the Joe Mc this year Carlow too could well be plying their trade in the Christy Ring cup in 2021 if relegation had been in place. This relegation craic is putting teams back 3 or 4 years in terms of development. Laois are lucky they are still in Leinster due to no relegation this year or else they'd be facing a struggle in the Joe Mc next year.......how on earth would that help them? Exactly it wouldn't.

Now we hear in the last few days that Munster are once again saying they are keeping their closed shop and are not entertaining the idea of relegation in 2021. Instead the losing Leinster 1/4 finalists will play off with the loser going down. No doubt Leinster will have to ensure that this is fixed so that Laois and Antrim will play off. In fact Munster have told Kerry to go feck off with themselves as well should they win the Joe Mc at any stage, they won't be coming in polluting the pureness of the Munster championship with their filth.

Waterford were a basket case in 2018 and 2019 humiliated in every group game. Surely a drop to the Joe Mc cup would have been just what they needed to further their development?
Oh wait, so they'd have been in the Joe Mc final instead of the actual All Ireland final this year.....yeah that would have done wonders for their development.
See the point I'm making?

Why are Leinster accepting Munsters stance? Why are we accepting Galway into Leinster every year?
Why aren't Galway rotating every 2nd year between Leinster and Munster as was mooted 12 years ago?
You'll probably ask why should we care, aren't we operating 2 grades below this you ask? Yes we are but in 4 or 5 years we could well be back in Leinster and again faced with this discriminatory system. Massive effort to get up, a struggle the first year back and then straight back down again. Now is the time to start making noise about it not when we are the victims of it again in a few years time as it'll be brushed aside as sour grapes.

Michael Duignan needs to start kicking up a fuss over this discrimination by Munster which is going unchallenged as usual.
Get onto your counterparts in the other Leinster counties and get as many as possible to sign up and issue a statement asking for evidence that whats going on is for the good of the development of all Leinster hurling counties. There should be a level playing field for all.

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Re: We need to talk about Leinster GAA

Post by Liam2020 » Mon Dec 21, 2020 4:59 pm

I agree but small counties like offaly don't matter to croke Park. Even look at the football all ireland, Dublin Cooper should have been black carded as should have Fitzsimons but the big counties get away with things. Limerick could have got two red card in the hurling final for striking below the belt. Small counties don't matter.
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Re: We need to talk about Leinster GAA

Post by Buttons » Tue Dec 22, 2020 12:12 pm

Money will talk and probably has, when money is being distributed around for teams development we have to make sure we get it, if that means keeping quiet so be it. I am sure the county boards know all about this.

As for OCP and the birr development I am sure there was a payment from the Leinster council. The sad reality is we need the payouts and always will.

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