Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

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Re: Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

Post by LooseCannon » Mon May 13, 2019 6:10 pm

I thought that our use of the ball along the wings was very good.
Some wayward shooting, with a couple of bad wides from Horan and Panda, while Cathal Mangan’s wide was also one that should have gone over. Niall McNamee’s goal chance could have been fisted over, while Panda hit the post with one effort.
Unfortunately for us, we’d 14 wides in the game, compared to Meath’s 6. We scored 14 from 30 shots, with one falling short and one save, while Meath scored a goal and 13 points from 22 shots, with 2 falling short.

I thought that some of our restarts in terms of kickouts were excellent. Meath pressed up, while we kicked balls towards the wings and won breaks. When we got past the Meath squeeze as such, our running at times was class.

With the exception of our wayward shooting, looking at the few stats on Meath GAA’s Twitter page, we deserved to win. Better again, we played front foot football, with adventure. We had them rattled. Their kick outs weren’t going well. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but with the flight of the ball, coupled with the wind, Dunican should have stayed put on the line.

We have footballers well able to compete. Now let’s get behind them. I’d fancy our chances against any of the teams in the qualifiers so far, be it home or away. Let’s get our shooting boots on, and see how far it takes us.

Also, it’s fantastic to see Eoin Carroll flying it up and down the field. Scored two great points, one in particular on his left peg. Here’s hoping that he remains injury free for the next few years.

Onwards and upwards. Keep Moving Forward. Uíbh Fhailí Abú.
Esto Fidelis.
Good Luck

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Re: Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

Post by GAHMAD » Mon May 13, 2019 10:52 pm

Great performance and gutted with the result. But this was a great effort against a team that people are looking to for opposition for Dublin. All credit to John Maughan and his staff and the players for the work that they have put in.
With some u20s to come into the panel and Maughan getting a chance to look at the club championships, if he remains in place we should be in a good place to progress further.

However there is an opportunity to focus and with the right attitude a couple of scalps could be taken yet this summer.

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Re: Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

Post by Fairplayalways » Wed May 15, 2019 1:19 pm

Isnt it kind of scary to think lesser teams (such as Offaly) may not win a provincial final again (at least anytime soon), realistically, we wont win an All Ireland (again anytime soon) once the weaker teams get knocked out in their province, they get a few qualifier games, eventually getting beat, sometimes first game, and that's it...people calling for scrapping provincial championships should remember that Offaly, Carlow, Wicklow, Wexford, Louth (even Kildare & Meath now Ide say) etc in Leinster, and Leitrim and Sligo in Connaught, Clare, Tipp & Limerick in Munster, Fermanagh & Antrim in Ulster would take hand and all any year if they were offered a provincial title...get rid of provincials and these counties may never win anything, its the so called little victories keep such counties going, with an All Ireland almost beyond them most years over the last few decades, cannot see it changing radically either to be honest.

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Re: Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

Post by Tullman » Thu May 16, 2019 11:18 pm

We drew with Wicklow and lost in extra time last year
We lost to Clare by 2 points
Think of all the close league games this year
We lost to Meath by 2 points I’m not sure what the official side count was by it must have been high

Do you think if Either Cian Johnson or Farrell had played in any of these games the results could have been different? I thought at the time last year it was a sin to watch us go down to Wicklow when are best players weren’t on the pitch and I thought the same leaving navan after looking at some poor shooting. Niall 0-2 from play panda 1 shane Horan 1, 4 points from play from your starting 6 forwards.. imagine we could be in division 2 next year or we could have beaten Meath , offalys biggest result in years and have a nice route to Possible Leinster final im not saying we would but we will never know now because of the dinosaurs in our county board. Small county with a small county mentality not giving our senior team the best possible chance of winning

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Re: Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

Post by biffinbanner » Fri May 17, 2019 10:00 am

id be all for scrapping the provincials both in hurling and football. for the stronger countys winning a provincial medal is of no value and sometimes an embarrassment if they dont win or get to the all ireland final. im sure the limerick hurlers dont put much value on their 2013 munster medals? is a connaght medal much use to andy moran or aidan o shea? bringing in a tiered championship is a great idea and inevitable i think.split it in 2 , 16 teams in each grade. joe brollys idea of the 2 all ireland finals being played on the same day is a great idea. lets be brutally honest here. offaly in either football or hurling have zero chance of winning leinster for at least 10 years and thats being mild.we may get to a final with a very favourable draw. would it not be great to be going up to croke park on all ireland final day with a realistic chance of winning silverware? taking the same treks and going into the same places as we used on so many great days to pre 2000? . the stronger more populated countys are gone so well organised now and strong that the chances of smaller countys like us being successful at the highest level are next to nil. 2024 all ireland finals? sam mcguire cup final dublin v kerry.4pm paidi o se cup final offaly v tipperary. 2pm !!

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Re: Meath v Offaly 12th May 2019 @3pm Navan

Post by GAHMAD » Fri May 17, 2019 11:36 am

Tull Man, bit harsh on County Board calling them dinosaurs?
As far as I know clubs voted in ruling on U20 players.
My opinion is the opposite to you.

I think U20's should prioritise U20, why?
1) You get the best 35 players from U20 together, with all the best available players in this group working together you drive the standard on and this team has 19/20 year olds on it, is not dipping into 18 year olds as much. This allows Leaving Cert year free of inter county football (not always the case of course)
2) The 2 Cians, Jack Cullinane etc, get to sort out yr 1 of college or whatever they want to do without the added demands of Senior Intercounty football, and they progress physically/mentally to be ready.
3) If they decide they want to commit to intercounty football, they are mature, ready to deal with the demands, and may have longer careers.

We have a history of throwing lads in too early and by the time they are 25 or 26 they are looking to walk away.

In the meantime at the moment, we have 30 odd Senior players progressing under John Maughan and getting the opportunity to prove themselves and train at a high level. I would give the Co Board and Tommy Byrne credit for what has been a very decent appointment so far, at a time when things were looking quite bleak.

Big picture stuff I think is needed now. And from what I hear things are going well enough at U20 level....and this is being used well as a platform for developing players that are ready for Senior intercounty.

Only my thoughts though

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