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Ballinamere/ Durrow

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:24 am
by Buttons
For a small parish they have had a magnificent year, to win the intermediate hurling one week and back it up by winning the senior b football the next is some achievement. As for the football has anyone scored 4 goals in a final like Jack Fogarty did last week against Bracknagh.

Looking at underage results on the offaly gaa website they reached the minor a football semi final, awaiting a minor a hurling semi final and still in both u21 competitions. They also beat kk in the minor a final last year.

Great to see a new team do well and hopefully they can bring it up to a senior level.

Re: Ballinamere/ Durrow

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:54 pm
by llkj
It is great to see B/D doing so well. They really seem to be getting a lot of the aspects of a well run club in place - good board, good underage coaching, improving facilities to cater for future growth, etc. Of course, they also have some very good players too. I don't know about records but 4 goals is a great achievement in a county final. One that he will treasure forever.

I think they have a great chance in Leinster this year and it should stand to them in Senior B hurling next year. Nobody would be surprised if they made the jump to Senior A pretty quickly. One thing that will take management is the amount of games that players will be playing. No worse than this year I suppose, but with both codes at a higher level, it will be tricky.

I am not sure about B/D being a small parish (in Offaly terms anyway). They are a part of the Tullamore parish, which means that they have a good spread of the rural part of the parish as well as a good sprinkling of players that live in the more urban part that have some connection to B/D.

Well done to them indeed and continued success. A good template for other clubs around the county to follow.

Re: Ballinamere/ Durrow

PostPosted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:55 am
by jimbob17
Recent wins are a result of many years of underage development. However, the last few years, they have really been pushing the underage development and I think that in about five years time, they will be well set up to make serious inroads on the higher end of senior level in both codes. They have a lot of interested parents (not that they aren't elsewhere), many of whom are from gaa background from other parts of offaly and beyond that have settled in the area and work in Tullamore.

They have a lot of development done in terms of facilities and more in progress that makes their club a central part of their community - much more than just a gaa club. One of the more progressive clubs in the county and surely a shoe in for club of the year, all I will say is watch this space for them over the coming years. In five years time they will be contending for senior honours in both codes and they will be the best club in Tullamore area in both hurling and football if the town club don't get their house in order. Just an opinion of course.

Re: Ballinamere/ Durrow

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:02 pm
by jimbob17
They have had some few weeks of it. Win senior b football to join top 8 for first time, win inter hurling to play in senior B hurling next year.

Big win however shows what is coming behind that group with their junior A team winning county championship and now the minor hurling team making the county A hurling final. They will be well set up to contend the big trophies in the years ahead.