Offaly vs. Cavan 2017 Football Qualifier

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Offaly vs. Cavan 2017 Football Qualifier

Post by Bord na Mona man » Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:49 pm

There hasn't been much time to prepare for this one.
Cavan will be tough because they operated in Div 1 this year. Even though they wouldn't be Division 1 quality, they did manage a win against Mayo and a couple of draws elsewhere.
They didn't pick up any big hammerings in the games they lost.

Offaly might look to freshen up the attack after a couple of below par displays. I'd expect Sean Doyle or Bernard Allen to be in the frame for starting positions.
There may be calls to ditch sweepers and go man-to-man, but the second half against Westmeath and the Armagh games show that Offaly need to keep things tight at the back.
If we break out a bit smarter, it shouldn't matter.

Defensively I think we have markers who can keep Seanie Johnston and Niall McDermott under wraps. Cian Mackey is the sort of player who can have a big influence on the game both scoring and creating. He is the sort of direct style that Offaly don't always cope well with. I think that keeping him quiet will be key.

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Re: Offaly vs. Cavan 2017 Football Qualifier

Post by frankthetank » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:29 pm

I was quite disappointed following a recent conversation I had with a backroom team member involved with the Offaly senior footballers following the Westmeath replay. He used phrases such as "don't care enough " and "didn't want to win" when discussing the events of the previous two games.

So, if anyone believes the players will turn this around in a week they have their heads buried in the sand. A lot of these players have shown their true colours in qualifier games in the past and Sunday will be no different. A double digit victory for Cavan.

Kemo Sabe
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Re: Offaly vs. Cavan 2017 Football Qualifier

Post by Kemo Sabe » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:05 am

Not a hope in hell we will win on Sunday. Not just based on football ability or the quality of the opposition. It comes down too attitude. That offaly team hasn't got the balls too win it. I'm as big an offaly fan as the next person but there is no leaders in that team. Fragile mentally. Should have well and truly beating westmeath in the first game but didn't have the balls too go for it. Most offaly people knew exactly what would happen in the replay. Unfortunately it's the same with Sunday. But it's lads. I'm sure gobshites will still pat ye on the backs in the pubs around Tullamore Sunday night when ye are walking around like superstars!!!!
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Re: Offaly vs. Cavan 2017 Football Qualifier

Post by substandard » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:34 am

Best of luck to the players and management tomorrow. This could be a pivotal game. Win, and it's a decent scalp and heading for the next round with a spring in the step. Lose, and the fallout will be significant.
Best of luck to all.
Just go at it, hell for leather...

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