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diarmuid kirwan

Postby fifitrixiebelle » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:37 pm

now i remeber townman praising his nasty bit of work in the 09 final & maybe thats something hes proud of as a offaly man but its about time he was brought back to ballyskenach & locked in a barn for a few years
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Re: diarmuid kirwan

Postby biffinbanner » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:15 pm

im watching hurling for 40 years and I can honestly say ive seen a lot of good refs,ok refs,bad refs ,but what puzzles me is how diarmuid is still getting big games.hes simply not good enough to ref senior club in my opinion.the non giving of a penalty to limerick earlier in the league v wexford was surely seen by the people who give out refs posts for big games.it was a bizzare piece of reffing.way worse than sundays decision against wexford..the whole thing is puzzling really
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