Offaly v Kerry, Leinster round robin, Sunday 22nd May

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Re: Offaly v Kerry, Leinster round robin, Sunday 22nd May

Post by sam88885a » Sat May 28, 2016 7:10 pm

Lads id be pro getting hurling back to birr untill last sunday .
Sitting watching the minor football it was clear how much space forward have . and i dont think there is a better playing surface in the country.Much better that sbp

I know ill be slated for this .

ocp is a bigger pitch which should suit us .
Most of the current offaly panel have never won a league match in Birr, maybe S Dooley and J Bergin have but im not sure it so long ago.
I think the debate is over and it would be madness to go back to birr when we have a top class stadium in tullamore , a stadium that we all should be proud of.
Talking to a kerry man at the match last week he couldnt understand why we had played the league game in birr when we had a much better more modern facilities in tullamore that has a better pitch .
He made me appreciate what i had ignored for years .

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Re: Offaly v Kerry, Leinster round robin, Sunday 22nd May

Post by Sharp Eye » Wed Jun 01, 2016 11:46 am

Postby Sharp Eye » Mon May 09, 2016 11:15 pm

Plain of the Herbs wrote:
"Absolutely agree. Imagine what bringing fellas in now would do for team spirit. Éamonn Kelly has more cop on than that.

And I'm backing Éamonn Kelly."
ryot wrote:
"There is no way lads who refused to join the panel and train with the lads for 6 months shhould be brought in less than 14 days before a vital championship game....

It would be a massive insult to those who committed in November and have worked their asses off ever since.

Now if there are lads out there who declied to join this year and want to join in November for the winter training, be they from KK or elsewhere, fine,,,,,,,"

Sharp Eye wrote
"The manager appears to have done this already. I don't think David King and Kevin Connolly have been training since last November. The Westmeath result and the current form of the Offaly Hurling Team calls for drastic actions!"

Is it true that Emmett Nolan has re joined the panel ???

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