Walsh Cup 2016

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Re: Walsh Cup 2016

Postby kingscounty » Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:31 pm

6 points terrible return today , anyone any insight into the game today?
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Re: Walsh Cup 2016

Postby SearingDrive » Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:49 pm

kingscounty wrote:6 points terrible return today , anyone any insight into the game today?

All from Shane Dooley, just one from play. Looks like Eamonn Kelly has a lot of work to do with Offaly ahead of the league.
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Re: Walsh Cup 2016

Postby sam88885a » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:33 pm

I listened to the match on the radio , we seem to have played with a sweeper today and wexford half backs and midfield seem to out muscle us completely . j bergin seem to be around midfield .
poor result but the management team selection looked very strange .
players and management look like they have to up their game big time over the next couple of weeks .
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Re: Walsh Cup 2016

Postby Toxicity234 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:34 pm

Didn't make it to the game.
But heard the Line up and knew we were going to struggle.
Joe Bergin at wing back, Joe is a lot of thing but he not a wing back. No Brian Leonard, Dermot Mooney and Paddy Murphy some of our best players from last week.
No Shortt, Kelleher on a Heavy pitch.
According to Radio we were bully all over the field. which made the decision to bring on Ben Connolly for the injured Ryan an interesting one. Connolly only the Boy. He was never going to turn the game around. I should note here that Ben and Ronan Hughes have the potential to be great hurling from what i see so far but they need time to develop. If we rush them we could destroy them.
The Really good think is Wexford only Scored 14 points which is great. Paddy Rigney look like the step up from U21/Club to Inter county with no problems.
Kinsella has become one our most important player. Hope we have Connor Mahon back for the league. With Mahon and Kinsella in the team we could have the hard working half forward line in the country.
6 points is a really bad return but when playing a sweeper system your 1st job is to destory the other team scoring rate. For the 1st time under a sweeper system were doing that. Wexford scores came from Offaly doing silly thing in defence and Wexford scoring long distance points.
hopeful Kelly learned from the game and now with the league just a few weeks away and a tough start in Clare hopefully he have a better idea of what he wants from the team and players.

The Team today was:
Kinsella,O Connor,

The team for the Clare match could be an interesting one.
There at least one full back line slot is wide open.
There is two slot in the half back line still to play for.
There is a midfield slot is open
The half forward line has 2 position what lads will be thinking they can get.
and the full forward line there 2 position still up for grabs.
From my count i think that there is 9 or 10 slots in the team still to play for.
the likes of Gardiner and Paul Kinsella from Lumsagh could be looking to force there way into the team.
The likes of Kiely (who is still on the panel but training away in Waterford). maybe the likes of King or Kevin Connelly or Derek Morkan could still come back into add something to the panel.
From what i've seen i think we have the panel to go far .
love to see Lenoard get a run at wing back.
but nothing to Fear. If the lads keep working i think we could do well.
I do wish we have a few more Shane Kinsella. His Hard work on the field is a joy to watch, He puts his body on the line everytime he take the field and covered so much ground he a machine. but Mahon could be his perfect partner. These two lads and Someone like Paddy Murphy, Colin Egan could one of the hard hitting half forward line in the county.
We other thing that was comment on today was the need for players to Man up. Its one of these thing the Lads struggle we. It's a funny thing cause what does man up mean. I was talk to a few lads from Waterford, Kilkenny and Galway this week. Its very funny to hear the difference. Waterford, Wexford and Galway were talking about putting there body on the for the cause. Kilkenny were talk about taking lads out of the game. Kilkenny lads were talking about making about using shoulders and making hits count.
Its Like Cody has got to ever kilkenny club player and change the way they talk about hurling and this is what need to be taught to players. Using your shoulders to line up a player to slow them down to them make turnovers and blocks.

On a side note thanks lads for the congrats.
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Re: Walsh Cup 2016

Postby private joker » Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:06 pm

Dublin 1-22 wexford 1-12. Big win for dublin
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