Underage Hurling Structures

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Underage Hurling Structures

Postby Offaly Follower » Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:11 pm

Can somebody please explain what the hell is happening at underage level in Offaly hurling at the moment?

The current minor management have had the following results over the past 2 years and also most of them took charge of the u-16's last year.
Is it a case in Offaly that failure is rewarded?

Is it also the case that some of this minor management team are soon to be recommended for senior coaching positions in Offaly?
This is part of a review that Diarmuid Healy, Kieran Keenaghan and Damien Martin have resigned from.

When is there going to be openness and transparency in Offaly where people who have a genuine interest in Offaly hurling can have the opportunity to train and manage teams and the clicks that exist in Offaly at the moment are dismantled.
In Offaly the wrong people are taking charge of the underage teams and there doesn't seem to be an appetite to allow others to get involved and help.

This is mind boggling.

Minor 2015
Offaly 8-20 Meath 0-08
Offaly 7-29 Wicklow 1-05
Offaly 2-18 Kerry 0-09
Wexford 2-23 Offaly 2-10 (-13)

Minor 2014
Offaly 1-16 Carlow 1-08
Laois 0-26 Offaly 3-14
Wexford 0-18 Offaly 1-09
Offaly 4-14 Down 2-15
Offaly 5-17 Meath 1-16
W.Meath 1-10 Offaly 1-04
Carlow 1-16 Offaly 2-10

U-16 2014
Wexford 1-13 Offaly 1-05
Clare 4-11 Offaly 1-03
Dublin 7-10 Offaly 0-05
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