Never Early Enough for Axe Grinding and Mind Games

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Never Early Enough for Axe Grinding and Mind Games

Post by Kevin » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:54 pm

From Hoganstand

Miley writes off the Lilywhites
06 October 2012
Former Kildare footballer Liam Miley has written off the Lilywhites chances of making the breakthrough under Kieran McGeeney.

Miley - who donned the county jersey in the late eighties and early nineties - told The Irish Examiner: "I don't think we have any chance of winning the All-Ireland next year or at anytime in the near future.

"This year, there was a bit of hope we might win out in Leinster, but, of course, we got blown out of the water by a Meath team many felt was going backwards.

"That performance and the one against Cork in the qualifiers wouldn't give you much hope we will make a decent impact next year. We've got a decent draw against Offaly in next year's championship, but if we get over that we're likely to meet Dublin in the Leinster semi-final."

Miley - who, at 51 years of age, still lines out for the St Laurence's club - isn't a fan of some of the players who are currently involved in the squad.

"I don't rate a lot of the players - both in the backs and forwards - Kieran McGeeney has on his panel. There are a lot of lads around the county who are more deserving of places on the panel than the fellas that are there at the moment.

"As well, club players not on the county panel are deprived of the opportunity of showing their ability against lads on the panel because McGeeney generally won't allow the county panellists to play in club league games.

"If some of the county panellists are allowed to play in club league games it's often after they have taken part in training for the county team earlier the same day."


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Kevin Clancey. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.

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