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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Faithfulforever » Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:36 pm

Offaly travelled to Dublin yesterday capable of winning this game and making it into an all Ireland semi final, a huge achievement for a team who are only competing in their second senior championship. The conditions were perfect, it was very warm and sunny in parnell park and I am sure I was not the only sunburnt person today. There was a strong wind blowing which favoured Dublin the first half. and dublin used that to their advantage.

Dublin started with a few points in the first few minutes while Offaly struggled to get the ball past centre field. Then goalies worst nightmare when a long ball was played in and with the sun in the eyes of the goalie it slipped past her into the Offaly net. Offaly worked hard though and settled into the game more through the later end of the first half but went in at half time 0-6 to 1-8.

It really was a game of 2 halves, Offaly had the advantage of the wind in the second half but also came out a different team. They fought for everything, played with a lot of courage and it reflected on the score board. 7 scores without reply, the goal coming from a penalty. At the end of normal time Offaly were 4 points ahead and looking good for the semi finals. Then it was announced 2 minutes of extra time. Dublin were awarded a free on the 21 which they netted to leave a single point between them. Then followed a very nerve wrecking few minutes where Dublin threw everything at Offaly and hit a few wides. after 6 minutes of injury time the game was over. Final Score Offaly 1-13 Dublin 2-9

Offaly team eleanor clendennen, Karen Brady, Tríona McDonald, Sheila Sullivan; Linda Sullivan, Lorraine Keena, Marion Crean; Siobhán Flannery (0-2), Fiona Stephens; Tina Hannon, Michaela Morkan (0-3), Jean Brady; Aoife Kelly, Elaine Dermody (1-7), Arlene Watkins (0-1)
Subs Orlagh Kirwan and Eimear Mooney replaced Tina Hannon and Aoife Kelly at HT

Overall a good performance by the girls. Eleanor Clendennen did well between the posts and was only beaten once. In the backline , Triona McDonald was as solid as a rock, Karen Brady was marking a quick Corner forward who Dublin were targeting a lot, and she did very well to keep her out in the corner (i have mislaid my programme and I cant think of her name). Sheila Sullivan was exceptional again, she is so dependable at corner back. Linda Sullivan had a great game on the wing, she is such a tidy player and fought hard for possession. Lorraine Keena, took a couple of very heavy knocks during the game, but did that affect her game? hell no! she was an excellent full back but is even more effective at centre, she covered and cleared a lot of ball again yesterday. Marion Crean did what she does best, she hooked, blocked and dispossessed, breaking the momentum of a Dublin attack.

At Midfield we saw 2 excellent second half performances from Fiona Stephens and Siobhan Flannery. Fiona is fantastic at winning loose ball, and worked tirelessly to gain possession at midfield. Siobhan had an excellent game at midfield and is fantastic at long range frees and points, getting 2 points yesterday.

The forward line did well, Jean brady fought well and was unlucky not to get herself on the scoreboard when a good attempt went wide. Tina Hannon did well on the opposite wing as did Orlagh Kirwan in the second half. Michaela Morkam had a very good second half at centre forward slotting over 3 points. I do think that this is not her strongest position, she is excellent at centre field where she provided support for the half backline as well as attacking in the forwardline. However she did have a great game at centre forward. Likewise Arlene watkins did well at corner forward and was the player fouled for the penalty. she made some great runs and slotted over a point. Aoife Kelly in the other corner fought hard too. It is very hard to rate her as she did not get a lot of ball in the first half and was replaced at half time. 17 year old eimear mooney did well in the corner for the second half, made some great passes and its great to see young players like her getting experience of big games. Player of the match was full forwad Elaine Dermody who scored 2 points from play and was deadly accurate on the frees. She scored an excellent penalty, hitting the ball low into the corner of the net.

One area of concern, based on yesterdays game was how slow Offaly were at getting going. Against a stronger team this could be fatal. However it was an excellent performance by Offaly. They showed determination, hunger and a never say die attitude that Offaly has been known for in other codes. The commitment level of this team is huge and they have a great panel of players who give it 100%. They now face Wexford in the semi final. This will be a very tough game against the all Ireland champions but if you think back to the Leinster final in Birr earlier in the year, Offaly put it up to them and hopefully they can do the same on the 18th Aug in Nowlan Park. Eitherways it has been a very successful year so far for Offaly Camogie and as POTH said, they can call themselves one of the top 4 camogie teams in the country. This is a team that were in Croke Park in September 3 times in the last few years, and hopefully the whole county will get behind these girls and who knows, anything can happen in sport.

Highlights of yesterdays game is on the Sunday game tonight.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:35 pm

Excellent report, Ff. Much appreciated, and welcome back.
Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:20 pm

The Wexford media are at it again. Yep, they see Offaly as something of a joke team in advance of Saturday’s All-Ireland semi-final at Kilkenny. They have ran down Offaly’s win over Kilkenny, citing Kilkenny being “in disarray” for the result. They also say the Wexford team which showed for the Leinster Final in Birr on a sunny day (imagine!) was “a shadow Wexford side”.

Now, it’s fair to say that there is a considerable gap between the top three (Cork, Galway and Wexford) and the chasing pack. Wexford’s results have been impressive too, for they beat Tipperary 1-17 to 1-6, Cork 0-14 to 0-9 and Dublin 2-20 to 1-4 en route to the semi-final. We can ignore their 3-14 to 0-10 defeat to Galway – Wexford were assured of a semi-final place at that stage whereas Galway needed to win.

Offaly have much going for them as they head into the All-Ireland semi-final for the first time. They have performed well in recent rounds, beating Kilkenny, should have beaten Tipperary and came from behind to beat Dublin in the quarter-final. Even when playing Galway in the first round, Offaly were 0-5 to 1-6 in arrears at half-time before Galway pulled away in the second half. That was without Michaela Morkan too, who was in America at the time.

But the factor that will help Offaly approach this match with a degree of confidence is that Leinster Final defeat to Wexford at Birr in May. Wexford led 0-4 to 0-1, before Offaly rallied and the home side were just a point in arrears at half-time. Three points behind with ten minutes to go, Elaine Dermody’s penalty goal squared it up before a late Lenny Holohan goal sealed the title for Wexford.

The Wexford People claims saw it thus “A shadow Wexford side did defeat Offaly in the Leinster final (1-12 to 1-7), but a more recent form-line comes from the Slaneysiders' win over Dublin, 2-20 to 1-4, in Wexford Park on July 8.” A little investigation reveals that 12 of the side listed to start in last September’s All-Ireland started in Birr. Louise O’leary came into the defence for Karen Atkinson, Bríd Gordon replaced Aoife O’Connor and Linda Bolger replaced Lenny Holohan at corner-forward. Holohan came on to score the winning goal. Some shadow.

Now, there’s no denying this is a tall order for Offaly, but it is not the ‘mission impossible’ that Wexford would like it to be either. Offaly’s defence has looked assured when I saw them recently against Kilkenny and Tipperary, as they were when holding Wexford to 1-12 in Birr. Lorraine Keena has adjusted seamlessly to centre half-back, having did likewise when she came straight into the side at full-back for 2009. Sheila Sullivan is at home at corner-back where her anticipation, reading of the game and clearing have been brilliant. Marion Crean is good in the air. Linda Sullivan is in good form too, Karen Brady has been solid since making the corner-back slot her own this year and Tríona McDonald has nailed down the full-back slot, an addition which has singularly enabled John Troy make the switches that have reinvigorated the team.

Eleanor Clendennen was a panellist for the All-Ireland wins, was gone last year when there was a goalkeeping crisis but has answered the call this year and been consistently assured, commanding her square and made some fine saves.

Fiona Stephens has won an amount of breaking ball at midfield since making the switch from corner-back while Siobhán Flannery has scored regularly from midfield. Michaela Morkan and Elaine Dermody will form the spie of the attack, and what a backbone. How the remaining forwards line up will be interesting. There had been a consistency of selection in recent weeks, but two successful changes at half-time in the quarter-final offer options.

Orlagh Kirwan has real pace, while teenager Eimear Mooney offered a freshness wehn introduced in Parnell Park. Aoife Kelly is an opportunist who can pick off scores, Arlene Watkins a pacy player who can carry the ball and win frees, Jean Brady is a worker who can score goals betimes while Tina Hannon is a stylish hurler who can win ball and take a score.

Antrim referee Owen Elliott will take charge - Elliott refereed Offaly's win over Kilkenny in Birr and handled the game well. They have dodged a bullet here - Alan Lagrue (who somehow found six minutes of stoppage time than nearly cost Offaly in Parnell Park, having signalled two aditional minutes) referees the Galway v Cork semi-final.

Offaly need to get stuck in from the start and win the loose ball on the ground. Playing a top team in August and at their peak is something Offaly won’t have experienced before. Offaly can ill-afford to allow Wexford establish a lead. The Wexford People can’t wait for the Final, stating “all evidence suggest that the gulf in class will be insurmountable for Offaly and, should the game go as expected, Wexford will meet the winners of the other semi-final, Cork and Galway (also in Nowlan Park on August 18), in Croke Park on September 16.”

Offaly will have a chance if they can keep out early goals and maybe get to the 20 minute mark at worst a couple of points in arrears. Yhey could maybe play Michaela at midfield where she can cover around the half-back line. No more than Wexford, Offaly were far from their peak in the Leinster Final in May.

Because anything is possible.

link to Wexford People piece here:- ... 98404.html
Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Kevin » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:30 pm

Great write-up POTH!

Tear into them ladies, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

COME ON OFFALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Clancey. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:27 pm

Sadly it wasn't to be and it seems the gulf between the top three and the rest is quite deep. Still, it's been a great year, Offaly's improvement over the course of the year has been wonderful. I saw them play Wexford, Galway, Tipperary and Kilkenny, four very enjoyable hours of skillful, wholehearted camogie. My thanks to the team and management for the work they put in and for doing Offaly proud.

Thanks too to Kevin Egan for giving the semi-final the preview it deserved in last Friday's 'Free Offaly'.

Finally, here's a report on the semi-final, the author of which is not credited, but I recognise the style of writing as that of Kilkenny's PM O'Sullivan. The Cinderella reference really hits the spot.
Wexford 3-14 Offaly 0-5
WHILE THE SECOND All Ireland semi-final never took flight as a contest, Wexford hurled impressively at times and will take beating in the decider.

Offaly have come a long way in a short time but this occasion, at the moment, was a step too far. Wexford made all, in greyhound terms, leading from the off when Ursula Jacob pointed after 20 seconds.

It was 0-6 to 0-1 on 12 minutes, when Jacob rose her second white flag. A neat effort by Arlene Watkins was Offaly’s only riposte to opposition dominance. Two superb points by Kate Kelly, arrowed over from midfield, were highlights of the push.

An injury to centre-forward Úna Leacy in the second quarter seemed to stall the leaders’ momentum for a spell. All the same, Jacob goaled in the 29th minute, following a trademark delivery from Kelly, ensuring that Model ascendancy was reflected on the scoreboard at 1-7 to 0-1.

The challengers could muster no more in reply than an Elaine Dermody free. Eight down at the break, their situation swung between difficult and dire.

To their credit, the Faithful contingent stayed at their task, dotting the second half with three points. But Wexford cruised home, with Katrina Parrock striking for a brace of goals in the 41st and 47th minutes. Kate Kelly could even afford to point a penalty in added time.

Offaly, previously the Cinderella county of camogie, may yet have their day at the ball. Meanwhile Wexford’s try for three in a row remains firmly on track.

OFFALY: Eleanor Clendennen, Karen Brady, Tríona McDonald, Sheila Sullivan, Linda Sullivan, Lorraine Keena, Marion Crean, Siobhán Flannery 0-1, Fíona Stephens, Tina Hannon, Michaela Morkan 0-1, Jane Brady, Aoífe Kelly, Elaine Dermody (captain) 0-2 (f), Arlene Watkins 0-1.

Subs: Órlagh Kirwan for Aoífe Kelly (42m), Leanne Scully for Fíona Stephens (42m), Éimear Mooney for Jane Brady (58m).

WEXFORD: Mags D’Arcy, Claire O’Connor, Catherine O’Loughlin, Karen Atkinson (captain), Noeleen Lambert, Mary Leacy, Deirdre Codd, Michelle O’Leary, Kate Kelly 0-3 (1 pen), Louise Codd, Úna Leacy 0-1, Josie Dwyer, Lenny Holohan, Katrina Parrock 2-2, Ursula Jacob 1-4.

Subs: Fíona Kavanagh 0-1 for Úna Leacy (18m, inj), Fíona Rochford 0-3 for Ursula Jacob (50m), Shelley Kehoe for Michelle O’Leary (53m), Evelyn Quigley for Lenny Holohan (57m).

Referee: Owen Elliott (Antrim). ... 6-Aug2012/
Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:12 pm

Six Offaly girls have been nominated for All-Star awards in a fitting end to a great year for Offaly Camogie. They are - Eleanor Clendennen (goal), Sheila Sullivan (full-back line), Lorraine Keena (half-back line), Siobhán Flannery (midfield), Elaine Dermody and Arlene Watkins (both full-forward line).

The breakdown by county is - Wexford 12, Cork 11, Galway 7, Offaly 6, Tipperary and Clare 3 each, Kilkenny 2, Dublin 1.

Well done to the six Offaly girls.

The full list of nominees is as follows: -

Eleanor Clendennen (Offaly), Mags D’Arcy (Wexford), Aoife Murray (Cork)

Karen Atkinson (Wexford), Rena Buckley (Cork), Jenny Duffy (Cork), Catherine Doherty (Kilkenny), Máire McGrath (Clare), Claire O’Connor (Wexford), Catherine O’Loughlin (Wexford), Lorraine Ryan (Galway), Sheila Sullivan (Offaly)

Deirdre Codd (Wexford), Orlaith Duggan (Clare), Lorraine Keena (Offaly), Noeleen Lambert (Wexford), Pamela Mackey (Cork), Therese Maher (Galway), Niamh O’Dea (Clare), Gemma O’Connor (Cork), Mary Ryan (Tipperary)

Orla Cotter (Cork), Siobhán Flannery (Offaly), Ann Marie Hayes (Galway), Jill Horan (Tipperary), Niamh Kilkenny (Galway), Jennifer O’Leary (Cork)

Briege Corkery (Cork), Josie Dwyer (Wexford), Kate Kelly (Wexford), Anna Geary (Cork), Niamh McGrath (Galway), Muireann O’Gorman (Dublin), Michelle O’Leary (Wexford), Katie Power (Kilkenny), Nicole Walsh (Tipperary)

Síle Burns (Cork), Martina Conroy (Galway), Veronica Curtin (Galway), Elaine Dermody (Offaly), Ursula Jacob (Wexford), Katrina Mackey (Cork), Katrina Parrock (Wexford), Fiona Rochford (Wexford), Arlene Watkins (Offaly)
Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby llkj » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:14 pm

Well done to the Offaly girls on getting 6 nominations for the all star awards this year. This is great recognition of the progress that the girls have made indvidually and collectively over the past few years. It would be great to take home at least one award and use that as a further building block for the team in 2013.

The girls are:

Goalkeeper: Eleanor Clendennen
Full-Backs: Sheila Sullivan
Half-Backs: Lorraine Keena
Midfield:Siobhán Flannery
Full-Forwards: Elaine Dermody, Arlene Watkins
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Toxicity234 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:22 pm

Congrt's to the Offaly Minor Camogie team.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2013

Postby Kevin » Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:36 pm

This looks encouraging!

Courtesy of RTE ... ning-runs/

Senior Camogie round-up: Cork and Offaly stay on winning runs
Updated: Sunday, 07 Jul 2013 14:52 | 0 Comments

Elaine Dermody scored the only goal in Offaly's win over Tipperary
Cork and Offaly will participate in a straight shootout for a place in the Liberty Insurance senior camogie semi-finals in a fortnight, after the two counties maintained their 100% records with victories over Dublin and Tipperary on Saturday.
Last year’s runners-up Cork were much too strong for a disappointing Dublin outfit, registering a 5-23 to 0-04 verdict at Páirc Uí Rinn.
In all, Paudie Murray’s side had seven individual scorers in a consummate team performance.
Katrina Mackey led the way with 2-3, with Síle Burns close up on 2-02.
Angela Walsh showed that her transformation to the forward division is proving a success with 1-04.
Jenny O’Leary, Julia White and Eimear O’Sullivan scored 13 points between them, with the tireless Briege Corkery also on the mark.
Offaly had to work much harder for their 1-15 to 0-10 success in Banagher.
Tipperary played with fierce intensity in the first half and with the wind at their backs and Sarah Fryday in tremendous form, they led by 0-06 to 0-04 at half time.
It was still all to play for at the three-quarter mark when minor star Rachel Brennan went on a strong solo run before finding Elaine Dermody with her pass.
The veteran full-forward provided a superb finish for a goal and Offaly pulled away for the win.
Siobhán Flannery brought her ultimate tally to four points with two monster scores and Dermody finished with 1-04 to her credit.
Fryday was top scorer for Tipperary with four points, while Nicole Walsh slotted three.
It’s all to play for in Group 1 as All-Ireland champions Wexford suffered their first defeat of the campaign to a Galway team that desperately needed the win having lost their opening tie.
That urgency may have been the difference at Wexford Park, as the Tribeswomen came away from a tightly-contested affair in which defences dominated on the right side of a 0-10 to 0-08
The winners had the wind in their favour in the first half and with the magnificent Niamh McGrath slotting five points, including three from play, they led by 0-08 to 0-02 at the interval.
Ursula Jacob was responsible for Wexford’s two scores and led the attempted comeback with three more after the resumption but could never get closer than two points to their conqueror.
It took Galway 24 minutes to get their first score of the half courtesy of substitute Noreen Coen, and two minutes from time, Niamh Kilkenny hit her second point to give her side a little bit of breathing space.
Kilkenny remain in the box seat of a hugely competitive group when trouncing Derry 6-12 to 0-5 at Ashbourne.
Kevin Clancey. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Quarter Final Result: Wexford 1-11 Offaly 1-10

Postby Lone Shark » Sat Aug 03, 2013 3:39 pm

Heartbreaking, agonising stuff in O'Moore Park today. Another slow start left Offaly with a lot of work to do and after nearly twenty minutes they were 1-4 to 0-1 behind, having played with a slight breeze. Wexford were lucky enough to have got the goal they did as it was a mishit shot for a point that crept into the top corner, but on the other side of the coin, Offaly were lucky to escape when Eleanor Clendennen was blocked down clearing a ball and Wexford somehow failed to get the ball over the line from a yard out. From then on Offaly were nothing short of immense - tigerish in the hunt for breaks, intelligent on the ball and seriously impressive in their defensive play. They reeled in the lead, eventually getting back level at 1-6 to 0-9 midway through the second half, before a huge decision to whistle Michaela Morkan for charging gave Wexford a critical and momentum killing score. ridiculous call - Michaela went for a gap, the Wexford forwards converged, and because Morkan was stronger than the tacklers and broke through, the free went against her. The world would end in the eyes of a lot of commentators if a similar free was ever given against Henry Shefflin or Joe Canning.

Then Morkan came up with a great goal after driving up the field and linking up with Elaine Dermody, but Offaly never managed to stretch the lead out to more than a point, even though they had a couple of great chances to do so. Wexford levelled and then two more huge refereeing calls in succession gave them the winning score. First Siobhán Flannery (I think - I'm only getting my breath back now, so I may be mistaken) was pulled for what looked like a fair shoulder at midfield, and then when the ball was sent in from the free, Morkan won it and looked for all the world like she was pushed in the back. She had to release on the ground, Wexford won it and got a free of their own which won the game.

That's not to say that the referee was hugely biased, Offaly got dubious calls as well. In particular there was one shot from Ursula Jacob that hit the crossbar and looked to go over, but the umpire gave it wide - definitely looked wrong. Having said that, the calls that Wexford got were at vital times and given the opportunity to play the time over again, proper refereeing probably would have suited Offaly more.

As always when you watch this team, you come away immensely proud of their efforts. Michaela Morkan was dominant and all around her the backs hurled well - Marion Crean got a very dodgy early yellow card and still contained Katrina Parrock for the rest of the game, and the two Sullivans came into it in a big way. Offaly were the better team at midfield for the last three quarters and up front Tina Hannon was lively and effective, while Elaine Dermody scored well, as is usually the case. I really hope the group sticks together because the graph again is moving in the right direction. A comparison of the results against Cork and Wexford in 2012 and 2013 shows that. A little bit of improvement and there's definitely an All Ireland final in them, and that would be the least they deserve.
Kevin Egan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:07 am

I don’t have much to add to what Lone Shark posted earlier, but Jaysus that was frustrating today. Enjoyable, but frustrating.

A pity Offaly took so long to get going, let Wexford establish a six point lead while Offaly tapped the ball away to grateful Wexford women. It really knocked Offaly’s belief.

That was my first time to see that Offaly team this year and the first half performance gave evidence that Offaly have regressed. Which was contrary to the good win over Tipperary and the good performance against Cork.

The second half was more like it though. Offaly worked so hard from defence to attack and Wexford hardly got a clean shot away. Or at least not without being made to work for it. Siobhán Flannery, Aoife Kelly, Jean Brady, Sheila Sullivan all came much more into it following the break.

Wexford were in a state of panic too after Offaly took the lead and were clearly going for goals when points from distance would have done them. And Wexford were playing with the aid of a wind which was freshening with every passing minute. And Mags Darcy, who has the most incredibly long belt of a ball, was pucking it out too far and Offaly were getting first to the breakdown.

Parrock is an immensely talented player and caused problems early on. Still, I don’t know why Marion Crean was shown a yellow card when I was her being kicked on the leg at least three times as her and Parrock tangled on the ground. Wexford have gone back alot and it will be interesting to see how they do in the semi-final.

Camogie seem to get these kind of referees. Which is unfortunate for the players. Such a pity such a refereeing error should decide the game. I suspect he would have given Offaly a 'late free to make a draw of it' if Offaly could have managed to get the ball into range in the dieing moments of the game. Sadly they couldn't.

Again Dermody was immense. She was moved to centre half-forward around the quarter-hour mark as the game was slipping away from Offaly, and spent much of the remainder of the match around midfield. Played a crucial role in Morkan’s goal too, taking the pass and laying it off again.

The players were naturally distraught as they left the field. I’ve said it before – this is one Offaly team who will not let you down.
Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Ahlethimoutwithit » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:05 am

Hard luck to the team, by all reports they gave a mighty performance and they have done the county proud over the last few years. Difficult to lose in those circumstances but at the end of the year, great progress has been made and hope they can stay together for next year.
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The Goal

Postby Plain of the Herbs » Fri Aug 09, 2013 5:39 pm

Pat Donegan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Kevin » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:02 pm

Great clip! Thx for that POTH.

Chemistry, determination, selfless teamwork. Its all there.

No wonder they've gone from Junior 'also rans' to a Senior outfit capable of beating almost anyone in just a few short years.

Congrats and here is hoping that it can be built on yet again.

Take a bow ladies. You continue to do yourselves and your county proud!!!!

Many thanks to ALL involved!!!
Kevin Clancey. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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Re: The Camogie thread 2012

Postby Hawk eye » Sat Nov 09, 2013 10:34 am

A massive congratulations to Elaine Dermody and to Katie Aherne on their Allstar wins last weekend .. Great to see Offaly being kept on the map . For Elaine especially this award is a long time coming . She spent many a year toiling away at junior level with Offaly when it would have been easy to walk away. Her skill and work rate are at a level which hopefully younger players will look up to and try achieve in the future . Well done also to the other nominees Michaela Morkan ( very harshly denied an Allstar this year) Tina Hannon Lorraine Keena and Siobhan Flannery. Ye are a credit to Offaly and are part of a team which could have a massive 2014. Well done girls
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