the rise of ferbane

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the rise of ferbane

Postby happy harry » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:17 am

i wrote abou the decline of shamrocks now i will mention the huge strides bieg made by the famous west offaly club. first of all fair dues ferbane/belmont , ye got yere structures right and biult from the bottom up and as a club ye will see the benifits in the near future.numerous A titles at u12,14,16 and minor , a schools all ireland aswell to throw into the mix. the tradition is already there so i dont see the scenario arising which arose in kilcrmac not to long ago when they won 5 r 6 minors and 5 r6 21 titles and failes to land even one senior title i know birr were at the peak of their powers but even still its a strange one). ferbane will deliver. even 2012 i would keep an eye out for ferbane they will have a nice mix and i would imagine be quitly confident of making a serios impact on the championship next year. keenaghan,c egan,g grhan along with the new generation will be a match for most. i know they too are a dual senior club but seem to manage the situation better well it again it looks that way from the outside
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