Getting the Best we have

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Getting the Best we have

Postby Exiled » Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:57 pm

Lads the title above means what it says.

Why are we as a county not getting the best players we have to play for us.
When I look at the Offaly senior hurling team, I just think to myself that in some positions I can see a better player in the county for that position, no disrespect meant to those players by the way.
What is going on?
How come we have the Offaly champions Coolderry, represented so badly on the county scene.
Birr the great team that they were and still are haven't many there either.
What is going on with the likes of Horan, Kerrigan etc.
I look at Brendan O meara, who never got a real look in at county level no longer on the panel.
We have fantastic hurlers in this county who have taken themselves off the panel.
I know some lads can be hard to deal with, but surely this is the result of bad management?

I look at last weekends defeat and I am saddened. We have made some progress under Joe Dooley so fair play to him.
He has instilled confidence and never say die attitute into the hurlers and that is to be commended.
However he has stood idily by while better players in this county are left at home on championship sunday.
I would love to see a new dawn for hurling in Offaly, where proper trials take place.
Where an open invitation is sent out to every player available, turn up for trials in Birr or Tullamore.
Every player gets 3 or 4 chances to impress, pick an extra large training squad and slowly whittle it down to the 25 man panel.
By doing this you give everyone a chance and let them take it or leave it then.
There's no point in going to Birr V Ferbane and saying player x is having a great game lets pick him for the panel, take into account who he is marking.
Maybe the opposing player is having an off day also.
Trials are the way to go and we need to seriously get cracking or Dublin will be frequent victors over us.

Thats my opinion anyway. What do ye think?
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