Tipsters Competition - League Standings after Round 15

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Tipsters Competition - League Standings after Round 15

Post by Lone Shark » Mon Sep 19, 2005 6:57 pm

Three games to go, and the lead changes hands once more! The good hurlers of Kinnitty oblige to compensate for my tip of Belmont, and the point lead is reversed. Top scorers for the week are Offaly Man Away, Treasurer, and Doobane Man with six each. Very few Coolderry tips for the intermediate game - I hope peopleweren't following me on that? Talk about the blind leading the blind if you were!

74 Lone Shark
73 Seán Boyle Ó Rathallaigh
67 The Rat
59 True Red
58 Fullback
56 Sparklin
55 Doon Massive, Harperj, Flatcap
54 Minor
51 Bord na Mona Man, Treasurer
50 Bogman
46 Hairyhole, ManfromFerbane
45 Percy Sledgehammer
44 putupthatscore
43 mykneehurts, Hyper
41 Ballymanabroad
39 Offalymanaway
38 Rynaghs Biffo
36 The Biff
33 Doobane Man
32 Juteman
28 Barracuda
27 Turk
26 Mighty Pair O' Hands
22 Pool Shark
16 Hocker
11 Turfbag
8 Alan
4 Stupid like a Fox, The Untouchable
2 Laois GAA
1 smjovaly

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