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Postby ballymanabroad » Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:49 am

Why is Cathal Daly called Froggy?

Nicknames for sportsmen/women have evolved from the days when you would call the full back 'The Beast', 'The Bear' or 'The Rock' or my favorite 'Stonewall' to more contemporary names. Senior panelist Nigel Grennan is called 'Chop' after Paolo Wanchope. Gav (of Gavin's pub, Ballycumber) reckons he loks like him so it stuck. Other names are just a shortening of the family name - Quinny, Slatts, Mac.

What names can you add and if possible can you give an explaination of their origin?
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Postby Muck Savage » Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:31 am

Clocker - Sean Grennan - Obvious for anyone who played against him.

Guggie - Keiran Gavin (Doon)- Got to do with how well the man is hung!!

I suspect a good few around E. Rovers but not sure if they're their real names or nick names!
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Postby Rynaghs Biffo » Tue Aug 23, 2005 9:16 am

Theres only one Sid!!! also, Michael "Diggy" Cordial. i'd imagine theres a lot more....
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Postby Hocker » Tue Aug 23, 2005 9:53 am

Ciaran Kearns 'Bridge and Belmont(hurling) - Always been called Harry for some reason

Eamon kelly 'Bridge midfielder - Called Frankie cos after a few pints staggers like Frank Norton(Barnie gumble of Clonfanlough)

Karol Kelly 'Bridge forward - Called Hogget cos of his auld lads extensive collection of wooly lads

Eamon Cooney - Umpire from pullough - Called lucozade cos after pullough won the intermediate a few years back he threw his glass lucozade bottle into the air and ran out onto the field and whatever way he threw the bottle, it landed on the top of his head!!! Bloody Superb!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:
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Postby Bord na Mona man » Tue Aug 23, 2005 10:10 am

Not forgetting Ian "The Ram" Hennessy for Doon.
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Postby TheManFromFerbane » Tue Aug 23, 2005 7:09 pm

2 that springs to mind from our club are:

David "The Lighthouse" Lowry - Because that mop of ginger hair on that 6+ frame makes him look like one!

Aiden "The Gazelle" Keenaghan - Anyone who is a fan of the simpsons will remember an episode where Homer was watching a movie about sporting injuries and one of the injuries shown was some american footballer "prancing around the field like a gazelle" before he was cruely cut down by a tackle. Just like what happened to Aiden.

There is a few more but since I don't know their origin I wont bother.
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Postby Flipper » Wed Aug 24, 2005 11:46 am

Drumcullen Nicknames:

Ten Bellies, Hally, The Ram, Scum Dog, The Sow, Gigg, Snipe, Woggy, Noddy, Bat1 & Bat2, Henny, The Bear, H, 3 Pint Padraic............
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Postby seamroga » Wed Aug 24, 2005 12:27 pm

What about Aiden 'Scrap' Bracken. He was born near the scrapyard there beside Rahan and Ballycumber, though a lot of people thought the nickname was for a different reason! Shamrocks man 'Scrap' was a hero on the Offaly under 21 team in 1988.
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Postby The Biff » Wed Aug 24, 2005 5:56 pm

How many different Clara forwards have been called "Shaper"? Ther always seems to be one on the Offaly team every 5 years or so.

Best nickname I can remember in my long-lost playing days was probably "Gorta". Lets just say he wasn't carrying any spare weight. :)
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Postby Lea-Bally-man » Sat Aug 27, 2005 6:05 pm

Eddie Dunne the Referee is called “Child’s Body” in Tullamore general Hospital where he works. Although I have heard him called a lot worse on the Pitch!!!
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Postby Barracuda » Tue Aug 30, 2005 3:45 pm

indeed- and most times those names were not too far off the mark at all.

Dingle Daly- dont know how he got that name- anyone enlighten me ?
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Postby mykneehurts » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:02 pm

Andy "Roundy" Egan because he is shaped that way.

Benny "Sparky" Gleeson because he is an electrician.

Tony "Father Stone" Kenny. Bus driver from Belmont who looks like the "Father Ted" character.

James "Bouli" Rafferty because he is always cold.

Brendan "Gonzo" Wynne. Anyone who has ever seen his nose will know why.

Brian "Bull" Keenaghan because he is as big as one and not in a good way.

Kieran "Buttons" Coughlan because...I forget.

James "Paw" Coughlan. Don't know.

Kevin "Kermit" Doyle because he looks like a frog.

Leighton "Brick Shithouse" Christopher. Australian rugby player who is built like one.

Stephen "Lurch" Rourke because he looks like Lurch out of "The Addams Family."

Paul "Red" Maher because he has red hair.

Trevor "Smoochie" Phelan because he smooches girls.

Paddy "Sedgie" Dooley because some guy he used to go to school with thought he looked like a Sedgewick and it was gradually shortened to Sedgie.

Rory "Peter Barlow" O' Connor because he looks like the "Coronation Street" character.

Julian "Becks" Walshe because when he used to have long hair he loved it so much he reminded us of David Beckham.
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Postby sparklin » Wed Sep 07, 2005 6:30 pm

Dessie "The Weasel" Daly because he's always giving out. it progressed to "Old Man Weasel" and then to "Pornstar Weasel" after some unfortunate pictures of him playing strip poker!
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Postby Lea-Bally-man » Thu Sep 08, 2005 12:39 pm

:x Indeed The same Dessie used to go out with a Heavy set young girl Nicknamed Diesel
Cause she smelt of Diesel from the Tractor , She was also well known for her Big Jugs
Which Dessie loved to Fondle… So the Saying goes …
“Now the Weasel is Sucking Diesel “
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Postby stupid like a fox » Thu Sep 08, 2005 2:36 pm

An interesting topic,

While we are in the topic here are a few wondered if anyone could shed any light on..

Colm Cloonan from doon was known as God.

Ciaran Corceran is also know as slippy

Kevin Egan known as Iggy, or Flint.(there were others anyone remember?)

John O leary Known as Moves. Or Ockacha
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