Tipsters Round 6 and McCormack Cup Round 1 RESULTS

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Tipsters Round 6 and McCormack Cup Round 1 RESULTS

Postby Lone Shark » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:32 am

Okay, the round six results are in, and the magic number was thirteen – get that or higher, and you qualified for round two of the Paddy McCormack Cup. Anyone who got less than that but is on the leaderboard below, is eligible for the Daithi Regan Cup. If you haven’t entered before now, I’m afraid you’ve missed the boat – we had to draw a line somewhere.

So the magic 16 competitors who are into round two of the McCormack Cup are:

NaasmanrxRhode (15), Bazza (15), Rynaghs Biffo (15), The Untouchable (15), Kemo Sabe (14), John Locke (14), Doon Massive (13), Killer B (13), GreatdayfortheParish (13), Lovely Hurling (13), Bula Bula (13), D Corner Flag (13), Swiftpost (13 – but would have qualified anyway as champion), Uibhfhailiabu (13), Dual Star (13) and Turk (13).

Good scoring in general this week, with Walsh Island, Bracknagh, Rhode and Clara seniors and Raheen having very few tipsters going against any of them. Erin Rovers and Doon both racked a few people with wins, but largely speaking games went as the tipsters predicted.

Hocker still leads by one after a score of 12, but now from Swiftpost, who made up a point. True Red lost ground with a more mediocre nine points, despite getting the football week he was craving! Turk and Doon Massive were among the tipsters who followed up recent good form with solid weeks and remain well in contention.

Full table as follows:

53 Hocker
52 Swiftpost
49 True Red
48 Turk
45 Beirut, Doon Massive
44 Bazza, Thereorthereabouts
43 GreatDayForTheParish
42 Aweflee, D Corner Flag
41 DD, Noodles, Biffo Army, Uibhfhailiabu, The Untouchable
40 Rossier, Kemo Sabe, Rynaghs Biffo, Naasmanrxrhode
39 TheManFromFerbane, Plain of the Herbs
37 The Weasel, Hyper, offalyman, Offaly09, Killer B
36 Corner Back, Muck Savage
35 Lone Shark, Bula Bula
34 Phoenix
33 The Rat, Lovelyhurling
31 Johnno81
30 Red Exile, sparklin
28 Corneyback
27 Mighty Pair O’Hands
26 Doobane man, Dual Star
24 John Locke, theman
17 Blue Moon
15 Bluegoalie
9 keenonsport
8 Dynamo
7 Backofthenet, Joe Bloggs
5 Athlumneyboy
4 minor, faithfulman
3 Rocket57, Bluemoon, Georgio1
2 Slieve Bloom Man, Treasurer
Kevin Egan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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