Tipsters Competition Round 5 Results

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Tipsters Competition Round 5 Results

Postby Lone Shark » Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:11 pm

No change at the top after round 5 with the top three protagonists all scoring four points. Four was very much par for this week, so basically if you got over that you gained ground, less than that and you lost some. Turk moves into fourth place with the round’s top score of seven, by virtue of being the only tipster to correctly call Seir Kieran’s win over Coolderry.

41 Hocker
40 True Red
39 Swiftpost
35 Turk
34 Beirut, DD
33 Hyper, Thereorthereabouts
32 The Weasel, Doon Massive
30 Aweflee, Biffo Army, TheManFromFerbane, Noodles, offalyman, GreatDayForTheParish
29 D Corner Flag, Bazza
28 Uibhfhailiabu, Plain of the Herbs, Rossier
27 Corner Back, Lone Shark, Mighty Pair O’Hands
26 Muck Savage, Kemo Sabe, Phoenix, The Untouchable
25 Rynaghs Biffo, Naasmanrxrhode, Offaly09
24 Killer B
23 sparklin
22 Bula Bula
21 Red Exile, The Rat, Johnno81
20 Lovelyhurling
19 theman
17 Corneyback, Blue Moon
15 Doobane man, Bluegoalie
13 Dual Star
10 John Locke
9 keenonsport
8 Dynamo
7 Backofthenet, Joe Bloggs
5 Athlumneyboy
4 minor, faithfulman
3 Rocket57, Bluemoon, Georgio1
2 Slieve Bloom Man, Treasurer
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