Worrying question

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Worrying question

Postby Bord na Mona man » Wed Nov 24, 2004 1:46 pm

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I'm not an expert on the official Guide (never even seen a copy of it) but apparently Rule 11 (e) states that the Irish form of players names must be used on the official registration form and team sheets.

This has led to some debate in our club (usually down in the pub) about how we should register 2 of our juvenile players. Obviously i won't give their names but one is originally from Nigeria and the other is from Malaya. Neither names are remotely Irish.
What do we do when it comes to registration or Team sheets. So far we have written their names in the English form and there have been no problems. What do other clubs do? Surely we aren't the only club to have faced this problem.

We're a bit worried in case we have to play a club from Westmeath and they lodge an objection or take us to court.
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