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Tipsters Competition Round 10 Results

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:20 am
by Lone Shark
It's all getting a little bit tighter at the top after this week - three points was the average, but we had a good few fives and sixes. A smattering of punters went for either Kinnitty or Shamrocks, but no-one went for both. Muck Savage was one of the Shamrocks pickers and that underdog pick gets him to within one point of D Corner Flag.

Round eleven, plus knockouts, going up now.

By the way, my apologies for not including the Edenderry vs St Rynaghs fixture - it was simply that it wasn't on the list of fixtures on last Wednesday, and I don't get emailed the full fixture list any more - no slight intended folks!

56 D Corner Flag

55 Muck Savage

49 Rossier, Swiftpost, The Untouchable

48 The Rat

47 TheManFromFerbane

46 Mighty Pair O'Hands, Corner Back, Rynaghs Biffo, As Such Ger

45 Lone Shark, Fullback, Plain of the Herbs

44 Hocker

43 Killer B, Colmandjimjim

42 Beirut, DD

40 Aweflee, AZOffaly

39 Rocket57

37 True Red

36 Treasurer

35 Bula Bula, Phoenix

34 Sydthebeat, Crossbar

31 Lovelyhurling, Del

30 Johnno81

29 Juteman, Silken Thomas

26 NaasmanrxRhode

25 Redser, Doon Massive

23 The Weasel

12 Johntherobber

11 Hyper, King of Kings, Bord na Mona Man

10 Green & White

8 Aweflee, Toastie, Ballymanabroad

7 Bazza, The Weak Group

6 Mr Binman, D All Star, Doobane Man, Sparklin

5 Biffo Army

4 The Biff, Square Cab, Over the Black Spot, Offaly's Future

3 Skippy, Royalblue

2 Royalblue, Blacky, The Magpie