Tipsters competition Round 9 and playoff results

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Tipsters competition Round 9 and playoff results

Postby Lone Shark » Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:44 pm

Apologies for the delay on this, for some reason does not work on my NTL connection in Galway, so hence the delay.
No tipsters hit the jackpot this week by getting the 'Skenach/Ballinamere draw, so eight points was the top score - a score shared by Mighty Pair O'Hands, Plain of the Herbs, Rossier and Swiftpost.
Swiftpost's was doubly important as it also secured the final slot in the Paddy McCormack Cup, the quarter finals of which will be not this weekend but next weekend.
The full and final quarter final pairings are below also.

53 D Corner Flag

49 Muck Savage

46 Rossier, The Untouchable

45 The Rat, Fullback

44 TheManFromFerbane

43 Swiftpost, Mighty Pair O'Hands, Corner Back, Hocker

42 As Such Ger

40 Plain of the Herbs, Lone Shark, Rynaghs Biffo

39 Colmandjimjim, Beirut, Killer B

37 AZOffaly

36 DD, Rocket57

35 Phoenix

34 True Red, Aweflee

33 Treasurer

31 Lovelyhurling, Bula Bula, Sydthebeat, Del, Crossbar

29 Juteman, Silken Thomas, Johnno81

24 Redser

23 The Weasel

22 Doon Massive

21 NaasmanrxRhode

12 Johntherobber

11 Hyper, King of Kings, Bord na Mona Man

10 Green & White

8 Aweflee, Toastie, Ballymanabroad

7 Bazza, The Weak Group

6 Mr Binman, D All Star, Doobane Man, Sparklin

5 Biffo Army

4 The Biff, Square Cab, Over the Black Spot, Offaly's Future

3 Skippy, Royalblue

2 Royalblue, Blacky, The Magpie

Paddy McCormack Cup Quarter Final Draw

Muck Savage (1) vs Swiftpost (8)
Rocket 57 (4) vs The Untouchable (5)
Hocker (3) vs Sydthebeat (6)
D Corner Flag (2) vs Rossier (7) Rossier

Daithi Regan Cup Quarter Final Draw

Redser (1) vs Beirut (8)
As Such Ger (4) vs Aweflee (5)
TheManFromFerbane (3) vs Treasurer (6)
Corner Back (2) vs Mighty Pair O'Hands (7)
Kevin Egan. Signed out of respect for players and all involved with Offaly.
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