Real Offaly Team for Sat Evening

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Real Offaly Team for Sat Evening

Postby bazza » Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:39 pm

Luckily for the users of this site bazza has inside information on the offaly senior football team. And he knows how the team is really gonna line out on Sat night.

1. P. Kelly
2. G. Rafferty.. followin Dessie everywhere!!
11. K. Slattery.. Doin markin job on Glennon
4. J. Keane.. stayin on Alan Mangan
12. B. Darby.. sittin behind half back line pickin up everyting
5. P. MacConway.. markin that wilson lad.. told to get forward
3. S. Sullivan.. Goin centre back. Brady is sick for last two days
29. N. Coughlan.. Wing Back.. Back on panel for last 2 weeks
8. Super.. Lookin to feed Nialler
9. N. Smith.. Gonna try and disturb tha main man Martin Flanagan
12. Big Macmanus on half forward line.. lookin for him to lead from there with huge work rate
23. J. Reynolds.. They're urgin him to work hard on 2 man half forward line
13. Deehan.. Lookin for the form of 06 outta him
19. G. Comerford.. hes there as a target man for the boys out the field.. Pump it into him Donaghy style
15. Niall Mac.. hopin for about 2-11 outta him so they are.

Think this team could do the job.. will confuse westmeath. i'm goin for Ofally 2-11Westmeath 1-10
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