The Worst Ever

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The Worst Ever

Postby Offalys Future » Fri May 09, 2008 11:01 am

No more Bullshit because what is going on at the moment is absolutely ridiculous.
I don't even no where to start, i have remained silent for a while now but from what has gone on in the last few weeks it's time to say something.

Bad and all as things were this time last year we were still looking forward to beating Laois and having a crack at Kilkenny. This year things are 100% worse. Whatever team is picked against Laois at the very least Offaly will be missing 8 players that started the game last year and 11 in total that played some part in that game. For a county like Offaly that has had no underage success in nearly 10 years can somebody tell me where all these players are coming from? As the year has gone on it has become clear that Joe Dooley hasnt a bulls notion what he is doing. He doesnt know how to train manage or coach a team, his appointment was a complete farce. But what else could you expect from a county board that have been and remain to be completely out of control.

While the players have to look at themselves too and especially the Coolderry lads for opting out the book stops at the county board for appointing the manager and then the manager for not been able to do the job.
From what i have been told training is a complete joke, there are too many players on the panel that just arent good enough. I mentioned this a few months back how the hell does it make sense that 6 weeks before championship players are brought onto a panel for hurling well in a u-21 game or a senior match against ferbane belmont. It is pure crazy. Offaly isnt that big of a county and any manager that has any clue would be able to pick the best 30 players from the start of the
year and work with them (minus the Birr contingent). Add in the expenses issue, gear issue etc and things really couldnt be any worse.
The only real consolation is that as far as i know things in Laois arent much better. But to be honest i would not be one bit surprised if Offaly lose to Laois in two weeks time. And if we do get over laois which we might barely get ready for the mother and father of all beatings by Kilkenny.

As much as people criticised lads like Gary Haniffy, Rory, Mick O Hara, Colm Cassidy etc one thing they had was the potential and on any given day they could give a serious performance, on the Offaly panel at the moment there are too many guys that just arent good enough. They have been given the opportunity to be part of a panel without having to work for it. By the management allowing this the players dont regard it as an honour to hurl with Offaly. If you dont have honour and pride you have nothing. And before any of ye start - pride and honour isn't shouting and roaring in a dressing room 5 minutes before a championship game, its something that happens over months or years. Again maybe its not these young players fault, its the people that pick them.

This year the Offaly senior hurling team will be in my opinion the worst ever to grace a senior championship.
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