Tipsters Competition, Round 14 & Knockout Semi results

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Tipsters Competition, Round 14 & Knockout Semi results

Postby Lone Shark » Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:37 pm

Once again I'm a little slow with this - mea maxima culpa!

Paddy McCormack Cup

( 8 ) Mikey lost to (5) Hocker
(6) Sparklin vs (2) ClaraManInExile - open

Daithí Regan Cup

(1) ManFromFerbane bt (4) The Biff 4/11
(6) Juteman lost to (2) The Magpie 6/10

Right, first up, the contentious bit. Hocker beat Mikey fair and square 6-4, but neither Sparklin nor Claramaninexile got their posts in this week, so neither scored. Since we need to wrap it up this weekend (the last weekend with multiple matches) a result is needed - and here's the best I can come up with. A three way final would be harsh on Hocker, so we have to guarantee he only faces one opponent. With their tips this week, Sparklin and Claramaninexile must post up the exact score of the hurling replay between Kinnitty and Kilcormac/Killoughey. In the following order, the winner will be determined by tie breaker.

(1) Match result
(2) Winning Margin
(3) Winning teams score

i.e. if they tie on criterion 1, on to 2, and so on. Whoever wins that will have their overall score counted against Hocker in the Final.

The Daithí Regan Cup was a lot more straightforward. ManfromFerbane edged out the Biff by tie breaker, while the Magpie won out the all Clara semi on the other side by 6-4. A good traditional Ferbane vs Clara derby in the final.

As for the League, Sparklin not posting has opened things right up. Fullback and Rynagh's Biffo were the top scorers this week with eight. Particular doffed cap must go to both Bogman and Mighty Pair of Hands, both of whom tipped four of the five games as draws in an attempt to make up the ground. Of course, that would have worked out a lot better if they hadn't both picked the hurling semi as the one match not to choose the draw in.... :D

66 Sparklin
64 Mikey, Hocker
63 Juteman, The Rat
61 Fullback
60 The Biff
59 Treasurer, naasmanrxrhode,
58 Plain of the Herbs
55 As Such Ger, Lone Shark, True Red
53 Offaly's Future, Mikey, TheManFromFerbane
52 Muck Savage
49 Del, Rynagh's Biffo
47 Rossier
45 Bogman, D Corner Flag
44 Sydthebeat
42 Turk
40 The Magpie,
37 ClaraManInExile, Corner Back
35 Doon Massive
34 Hyper, Mighty Pair O'Hands
26 The Border Fox
25 Offalymanaway
24 Biffo Army
18 Hurler in the Ditch, Skippy
16 Green&White, Bord na Mona Man
15 Leroy
13 flairgun
10 Heshs Umpire, Beirut, Rocket57
8 kinnittyman
7 Percy Sledgehammer
6 Doobane Man
4 AZOffaly
2 Barracuda
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