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Tipsters Comp, Round 13 Results

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 4:48 pm
by Lone Shark
Full results below. NaasmanrxRhode, Mikey and Juteman all got maximum points, with all three now in the top ten and Juteman and Mikey both chasing down Sparklin like a good thing. Still a six point lead, but with a minimum of 9 points on offer this week it's still all to play for. Expect some frantic draw tipping among the chasing pack from now on though!! :D

66 Sparklin
60 Mikey
59 Juteman, The Rat
58 Hocker
56 Plain of the Herbs, The Biff
55 Treasurer, naasmanrxrhode
53 Fullback, Mikey, True Red
51 Lone Shark, As Such Ger
49 TheManFromFerbane
47 Offaly's Future
46 Muck Savage
45 Bogman, Del, D Corner Flag, Rossier
42 Turk
41 Rynagh's Biffo
40 Sydthebeat
37 ClaraManInExile, Corner Back
35 Doon Massive
34 Hyper, The Magpie, Mighty Pair O'Hands
26 The Border Fox
25 Offalymanaway
24 Biffo Army
18 Hurler in the Ditch, Skippy
16 Green&White, Bord na Mona Man
15 Leroy
13 flairgun
10 Heshs Umpire, Beirut
8 kinnittyman
7 Percy Sledgehammer
6 Doobane Man, Rocket57
4 AZOffaly
2 Barracuda