Tipsters and Knockout Results, + QF Draw

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Tipsters and Knockout Results, + QF Draw

Postby Lone Shark » Tue Aug 14, 2007 5:35 pm

Scoring wasn't high this weekend, and to be honest after Saturday evening when we had one draw which no-one tipped and two postponed matches it looked like we'd have to put off the knockouts round entirely, but everything else went ahead, albeit with very few high scores. Only ManFromFerbane got the other three right, so he goes into the quarter finals of the Daithí Regan Cup with the number one seeding. The tie breaker came into play in both competitions as one correct tip was enough for some but not for others, but thankfully it rounded off to an even eight in each case rather than people tying on tie break scores as well.

Anyway, here's the full seeded quarter final draw for both competitions - next round to take place next time we've a good few fixtures on the one weekend.

Paddy McCormack Cup

(1) Hurler in the Ditch vs (8 ) Mikey
(4) Treasurer vs (5) Hocker
(3) Hyper vs (6) Sparklin
(2) Clara Man in Exile vs (7) Corner Back

Daithí Regan Cup

(1) ManFromFerbane vs (8 ) Fullback
(4) The Biff vs (5) Offaly's Future
(3) As Such Ger vs (6) Juteman
(2) The Magpie vs (7) Offalymanaway

And of course, the league ploughs on - the Rat loses top spot having failed to pick any of the games, but other than ManFromFerbane dragging himself to within ten, there was very little move among the top few.

40 Sparklin
39 The Rat
37 Hocker
36 naasmanrxrhode, Plain of the Herbs,
34 Lone Shark, Juteman, Muck Savage
33 Mikey, Turk, True Red
32 The Biff, Rossier, Rynagh's Biffo, As Such Ger
31 Fullback
30 D Corner Flag, Offaly's Future, Bogman, Del, TheManFromFerbane, Treasurer
26 Corner Back
24 Mighty Pair O'Hands,
22 ClaraManInExile
20 Doon Massive, The Magpie, Sydthebeat
19 Offalymanaway, The Border Fox
18 Hurler in the Ditch, Skippy, Hyper
16 Green&White, Bord na Mona Man
15 Leroy
13 flairgun
10 Heshs Umpire
8 kinnittyman
7 Percy Sledgehammer
6 Doobane Man
5 Beirut
4 AZOffaly
2 Barracuda
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