Tipster's Comp, Round 4 results

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Tipster's Comp, Round 4 results

Postby Lone Shark » Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:29 pm

Feeling a bit hard done by myself this week. Tipped Tubber, and the draw in the Tullamore/Ballycumber match. Ah well.

Congrats to TheManFromFerbane, Juteman, and the two debutants Corner Back and Hurler in the Ditch who went down the card with six out of six correct tips for a maximum eight points. Turk and the the Rat now sit atop the leaderboard with 25, but it's a good packed bunch in behind. I'll post the hurling tips up now, so straight in with chances to redeem folks.....

25 Turk, The Rat
24 Rossier
23 Lone Shark
22 The Biff, Plain of the Herbs, Juteman, naasmanrxrhode
21 Mikey, True Red
20 Del
19 Fullback, Muck Savage, TheManFromFerbane, D Corner Flag
18 Skippy, Hocker, Rynagh's Biffo
17 Doon Massive
16 Sparklin, Bogman, Green&White, Bord na Mona Man, Treasurer, As Such Ger
15 Leroy, Offaly's Future, Offalymanaway
14 Mighty Pair O'Hands, The Magpie
13 The Border Fox, flairgun
10 Heshs Umpire
9 Sydthebeat
8 Corner Back, Hurler in the Ditch, kinnittyman, Hyper
7 ClaraManInExile, Percy Sledgehammer
5 Beirut
4 AZOffaly
2 Barracuda
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