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Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:44 pm
by Keyser Soze
Plain of the Herbs wrote:
Offalys Future wrote:
Slasher wrote:I keep an eye on this forum without ever posting but have to have a say here. While I agree that Offaly's results have been poor of late, I wouldnt be too quick to blame McIntrye. Having hurled under him I can assure you that he is a very shrewd operator who leaves no stone unturned in the preparation of his team.
No stone unturned are you kidding me?! they have never talked about tactics, free takers dont practice frees in training, goalkeepers have trained specifically for goals less than 5 times.
are we taling about the same John McIntyre here?
It’s clear you don’t enjoy this hurling lark.

I suggest you buy a rod and reel and take yourself off fishing on Sunday. Or do your homework. Your English is terrible.

I’ve every confidence in Offaly’s future. As for Offalys Future (sic), he needs to chill out.
Stumbled across this from a google search for a programme article. You were a bit off the mark POTH!

EDIT: Article was from May 2007!

Re: Offaly Hurling Management A Joke

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:52 pm
by Fairplayalways
read through most of this particular blog, and as I concurred in other posts on here, Offalys demise isn't recent, and there were "harsh reminders" contained in this old blog too...2007 is 12 years ago..thats how long we are struggling, I even seen the mention of "disgraced by Carlow" (no disrespect to Carlow at all I might add) but we had some atrocious results back then too...remember many many years ago Galway beat us by 28 points in a league game...and that wasn't today nor yesterday as they say...

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Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 1:09 am
by Plain of the Herbs
I'm not sure you'd have found a programme article through google. But maybe you did.

That was written in 2007. Over the course of the following five years, Offaly:
- beat the previous year's All-Ireland finalists by ten points, knocking them out of the championship;
- ran the eventual All-Ireland finalists (Waterford) to six points;
- drew with Galway and were level going into the replay's 70th minute;
- lost to Cork by a single point down in Cork;
- beat Wexford in the championship;
- reached two Leinster U21 finals, beating Kilkenny (away) one year and Wexford the next year;
- drew with Galway in the league when missing the Birr lads;
- Banagher College won a schools' All-Ireland;
- Pobal Scoil Ros Cré won a schools All-Ireland led by a number of Shinrone lads;
- Joseph Bergin and Shane Dooley were nominated for All-stars (possibly Rory Hanniffy and Brian Carroll too)

Leave the revisionism aside for a minute, right now, you'd kill for a five year spell like that.
Keyser Soze wrote:Stumbled across this from a google search for a programme article. You were a bit off the mark POTH!

EDIT: Article was from May 2007!

Re: Offaly Hurling Management A Joke

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:24 pm
by Keyser Soze
Jesus relax.
Also, I didn't say i was searching for a programme article, that's what you read.

Re: Offaly Hurling Management A Joke

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:13 pm
by Fairplayalways
the writing was on the wall back then, reading from our progress rate since and other articles...1995 since we won a Leinster final..thats 24 years ago...when Offaly made the breakthrough in Leinster in 1980, it was 11 years after the famous 1969 Leinster final defeat to Kilkenny by 3-09 to 16 points I think it was (I wasn't born so I am going by what I learned of it)..we have gone more than double that since without a Leinster...ok, we won an All Ireland in 1998 that Clare and Waterford will look back on and wonder if they didn't half kill each other in a Munster Final, one of them would and should have gone on and won it..they were the "two" form teams of that year, no doubt about that...Offaly got beat by 5 points in the 1998 LSHF and Ide say only Babs Keating ruffled their feathers they wouldn't have galvanized the way they did from the Leinster final defeat onwards...Kilkenny no doubt will write that they had the remains of an ageing team from their 1992-93 AI 1999 we lost by 10 points to KK in the LSHC final, and 2000 by 11 points and 14 points in LSHF and the AI final..given that (2000 KK team) was an exceptional KK team in fairness.Offaly have had wins here and there since 2007, well spaced out I might add, most teams we beat were subsequently beaten too and didn't go on to win AI's those years Offaly beat them its worth noting...wins in the qualifiers are noteworthy in their own right, but are soon forgotten when not built on.