Hey all

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Percy Sledgehammer
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Hey all

Post by Percy Sledgehammer » Thu Nov 04, 2004 3:22 am

Good idea this. A forum where people can talk about the greatest county in the country, and hate Westmeath without fear of do gooders butting in and furrowing their brows.

Sound work lads. :D

One question - what's the deal with the shark - I don't remember seeing it last year. :?:

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Lone Shark
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Post by Lone Shark » Thu Nov 04, 2004 3:31 am

You said it fella.

As for the shark thing, it's simple enough. For years now our support is not what it was - all throughout the nineties we got away with having smaller numbers because basically all or games were in Croke Park, so even if you were dwarfed by the opposition support (usually Clare yahoos or strawberry pickers) you still had 70% + of the Hill. Add in to that the vociferous nature of the "OO-FALL-YA" shout and we were happy out.

Unfortunately now we play in Croker a lot less, and the numbers following Offaly, particularly in football it has to be said, have diminished to feck all. So in order to get the shout going again, we needed a talisman for the crowd to unite around - hence the shark.

To be honest it was a slow burner this year, with the concept only really catching fire after the Leinster Final brought home to us how much the Biffs were being drowned out sound wise. So the Shark made its' debut in Wexford Park in the football, and continued it's good run in Limerick the following week.

Basically our plan is to increase shark awareness throughout the winter and league campaign, and have something solid to start with next May in Navan. With any luck we'll have a good few on board by then, and TV coverage could get get the ball rolling in a big way.

So welcome along, and glad to have you .......

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